1. I OYU333REA by Little Snake (Brainfeeder Records)
  2. BAD GIRL CYCLE (MIA X DOUBT X TENSION) by estoc (self released)
  3. BELIEVE (AM97 FEEL SOMETHING REMIX) by Air Max ’97 (self released)
  4. Desire by EL BLANCO NINO on BLANCO’S CARE PACKAGE 2K19 (Self released)
  5. Eterna Migración by TAYHANA (self released)
  6. La Gata La Loba by RIOBAMBA on Putivuelta Compilation Vol. 1 (Putivuelta)
  7. Handek (Young Luxenberg Club Edit) ( by Le 77 (self released)
  8. Hold Pattern by Osheyack & Nahash on SBKT026 (SVBKVLT)
  9. its a fine day by krolik (self released)
  10. Lost My Train Of Thought by Loraine James on Button Mashing (New York Haunted)
  11. Favela Talk by Cybereality on Selected Juke Workz Vol. 1 (Aeronenma)
  12. EQ Is Gonna Give It by EQ Why on East 37th Street (Zona Music(a)))
  13. Love You by Eric Uh X RedBoy (Juke MX)
  14. Liar [Get Higher] by EQ Why on Loops & Loud 4 (self released)
  16. I Praise Reggaeton by Chico Sonido on Putivuelta Compilation Vol. 1 (Putivuelta)
  17. Graveyard Shift by French II (samsara beats)
  18. You by Hendy (samsara beats)
  19. Rainy Daze by Johnathan Thomas & Dev79 (Samsara Beats)
  20. GRRL + ASHANTI by Equiss (self released)
  21. MALA (ABSSYS RE-TAKE) by Lila Tirando a Violeta (self released)
  22. Do It Again (Bapari Remix) by Soichi Terada (self released)
  23. Tell Me If You Want Me To (BAE BAE Dancehall Edit) by BAE BAE (self released)
  24. The only Bebé in the Third World (Bandancha Edition) by sisterybrother (self released)
  25. Naughty Girls by Retina Set (self released)
  26. BITCH BETTER HAVE MY MONEY __ PERREO EDIT by User 200204302 (self released)
  27. MY NAME IS SSHH by Manara & Bok Bok on The Ultimate Spice Mix (self released)
  28. Chupa feat Happy Colors & Ms Nina - by Chico Sonido (self released)
  29. Experience by DJ Delish on Khadijah Vol. 3 (self released)
  30. Unwritten (2018 Global Cunt Edit) - L.A. Olympics by Natasha Bedingfield (self released)
  31. Codeine Que Vibra (Brvtus Edit) by NKC X La Materialista on (single (self released))
  32. Technologic (Jaymie Silk Edition) by Daft Punk - (Self Released))
  33. Mind Games by Interplanetary Criminal on Of Paradise Vol. 2 (Of Paradise)
  34. Untrue by Burial on Untrue (Hyperdub)
  35. Pretty Purp - by DJ Delish (self released)
  36. Somewhere On Da Westside of Chicago!!) by Traxman on Holy City Acid EP (Issa Party)
  37. Low End Activism by Low End Activist (Sneaker Social Club)