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🎶💃 🏈 Even though we lost the 'bowl, we always win when we get to enjoy good music! Today we hear some recent releases, local artists, and reflect on how the NFL is using Jay-Z and emotional commercials to try and appear more pro-equality than they truly are as evidenced by what has happened with Colin Kaepernick, a story that the NFL wants people to forget about. For black history month I wanted to be sure to include this story that hasn't gotten much media attention at the moment. Also, we celebrate Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, who totally slayed in the halftime show! (Watch it on Youtube if you missed the fun, awesome performance!) 💓📻
Episode #96 features an eclectic selection of tracks including new and recent releases from a variety of genres, including artists like Maiwan, Engelwood, Emancipator, Neon Indian, M.I.A., Tycho, and many more. 

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