1. STARTUP by Pusher on New Laces EP (self released)
  2. One Thing Restructure by MoMa Ready (self released)
  3. You Love Is A Power by Lewis James (feat Dan dans K) on Shapeshifter EP (astrophonica)
  4. Temptation jungle clip by Regal86 (self released)
  5. Nervelevelers by Squarepusher on Be Up A Hello (Warp Records)
  6. LET ME by STAYHIGH (self released)
  7. Vortrack (Fracture Remix) by Squarepusher on Be Up A Hello (Warp Records)
  8. Vertigo by Om Unit on Submerged (Self released)
  9. Positive Yourself by Moresounds on Mutation Experts EP (Cosmic Bridge)
  10. Do My Thang by Polar Attraction (self released)
  11. Bust Yo Ass [HarderBetterFasterStronger] - by 7uka (self released))
  12. Lose Control (Hermeth Edit) by Missy Elliott (self released)
  13. Trippin’ Still by SELFHOOD (FTP)
  14. Sexi Pipol by ASTYTEKK (self released)
  15. A New Dawn by AceMoMA (AceMo + MoMA Ready) on 007HAUS (HAUS of ALTR)
  16. New Life Baby Paris by Mala (Deep Medi Musik)
  17. Changes by Mala (deep medi musik)
  18. Purple Cake (edit) by Liyo - RIRI X Ase Manual on Dandelion2 - (Parking Stone))
  19. Canto De Unidad by Dana Lu on Sin Fronteras (APOCALIPSIS)
  20. Zooooot by Traxman on Holy City Acid (Issa Party)
  21. Breakin Necks by UNIIQU3 on Breakin Necks (Fool’s Gold Records)
  22. Neural Wetwork by HOT WAVS (Eternal)
  23. The DJ Trak by AMEN The Producer on Coldpakk 006 (Coldpakk)
  24. Poppin it since 86 (Drip Tool) by Ubahnrider (self released)
  25. Holy City Acid by Traxman on Holy City Acid EP (Issa Party)
  26. I Like It by Cardi B (J Wax Remix) (FTP)
  27. I Need Weed In My Life (Turks Still Need Weed Mix) by Topcat (self released)
  28. Vortex 135 (Mall Grab Remix) by Special Request (Houndstooth)
  29. Separation Ritual (MMxJOYDIVISON) by Lighght & Lila Tirando a Violeta (self released)
  30. Searching’ for my Rizla by Ratpack on The History (Ratpack Music)
  31. Phoenix by Quest?onmarc on Phoenix EP (Club Chai)
  32. Over The Whole Damn Thing(featuring AnnoxXL) by DJ Delish on KV4: The Edge (self released)
  33. lik it good by Ottoman (self released)
  34. KNOW VA by LUCY (RAPALA_HARD_RE_DRUM) (self released)
  35. How Many Pills by Fresh Otis on Fireworks 10 part A (Italo Business)
  36. Near Dark by Burial on Untrue (Hyperdub)
  37. Big Ole Freak by The Stallion X VJ - VJ the DJ (Pumpdabeat)
  38. Mosca by Bax (Numbers)
  39. Where They At??? (ft. John FM) by AceMo on All My Life (Self released)
  40. Humpz by Byrell The Great Remix (self released)