transfiguration #106 -- Melanie && Tina Burner


  1. Peace Be Unto Us by Nat Birchall
  2. Doom by Allysha Joy
  3. Lunch Out of Order Pt. 1 by Avey Tare
  4. Minimum by Dominque Lawalre on --
  5. Minimum by Dominque Lawalre on --
  6. red by spellling
  7. Nevada by Conrad Seto
  8. The first dog by Yasuaki Shimizu
  9. Montevideo by Satin Sheets
  10. Enough by Surfing
  11. Beat it by Eric Copeland
  12. Lung by Blanck Mass
  13. Low Cool - Marcel Dettmann Edit by Cabaret Voltaire
  14. Can't Help It by Baba Stiltz on Can't Help It
  15. Moonlight by Chris Carter
  16. Pop Negatif by Pop Negatif Wastad
  17. Larry of Acadia by Eric Copeland
  18. Mauimall by Satin Sheets
  19. Guided Sleep Meditation Part 1 by Anders Rhedin on Guided Sleep Meditation (Captured Tracks)
  20. Somewhere in Time by Dean Hurley on Anthology Resource Vol. II: Philosophy of Beyond (Sacred Bones)
  21. White Letter from Heaven by Haco on Qoosui (Room40)
  22. Time Before Time by Young Marco on Bahasa (Island Of The Gods)
  23. Are You For Real by Carmen Villain on Both Lines Will Be Blue (Smalltown Supersound)
  24. Fret Not (Millennium Arrangement) by Brainwaltzera on Marzipan (Emotional Response)
  25. Alogomandra by Romeo Poirier on Plage Arrière
  26. Chouchin by Meitei on Komachi (Métron Records)
  27. New Dream by JQ on Outside (Lo Recordings)
  28. Retirement Home by Maria Usbeck on Envejeciendo (Cascine)
  29. See You At Sandys by Bell Towers on Chill Pill (Public Possession)
  30. Eu Ñao Sei by Dazion on A Bridge Between Lovers (Music From Memory)
  31. Acacia by Caravan on Frog in a Sock (ken oath)
  32. Mister Wong by Bella Vista on Mister Wong (Isle Of Jura)
  33. I'm Scared by Chuggin Edits on Soultempo (Samosa Records)