sleeves on hearts /// febrary 7th 2020 (start 13 minutes in!)


  1. In February by Noveller on Fantastic Planet (Fire)
  2. Livre (Near The Sky) by Art Lande & Rubisa Patrol on Desert Marauders (ECM)
  3. Hands by Oliver Doerell on My Life With M (Oxmose)
  4. Sorry by Foxy Brown on Foxy (RAS)
  5. Street Dancing by Don Cherry & Ed Blackwell on El Corazon (ECM)
  6. Faith by George Michael on Faith / Hand To Mouth (Columbia)
  7. Faith (Robert Smith Home Demo) by The Cure on Faith: Rarities 1980-1981 (Fiction)
  8. Premonition by Simple Minds on Sweat In Bullet (Virgin)
  9. Moody by Two Tears on Little Tea (Simple Social Graces)
  10. I Am Stretched On Your Grave by Sinead O'Connor on I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got (Chrysalis)
  11. Where Is The Line by Bjork on Medulla (One Little Indian)
  12. The Line by Cybotron on Enter (Fantasy)
  13. Chipindura by Stella Chiweshe on Ambuya? (Piranha)
  14. he eh lalla by Ifriqiyya Electrique on LayletEl Booree (Glitter Beat)
  15. Art Of Losing by The Ex on Starters Alternators (Touch & Go)
  16. Ibo by The Pharaohs on The Awakening (Luv n Haight)
  17. Don't Move by Cup on Spinning Creature (Northern Spy)
  18. Queen B by Marine Research on Sounds From The Gulf Stream (K)
  19. Leving California by PJ Harvey & John Parish on A Woman A Man Walked By (Island)
  20. Nothing Is Forever by Dusty Springfield on Haunted / Nothing Is Forever (Atlantic)
  21. Forever by The Beach Boys on Sunflower (Reprise)
  22. Love Me Forever by Betty Padgett on Betty Padgett (Ubiquity)
  23. Shahadag Og by Hamza El Din on Music Of Nubia (Vanguard)
  24. On Dirait by Francoise Hardy on Message Personnel (Warner Bros)