chemical X ep 67: songs by swedish artists :-)


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  1. younger by seinabo sey on pretend (saraba AB) $ Buy
  2. Pantalon (Original Mix) by Kornél Kovács on Radio Koko EP (Numbers) $ Buy
  3. resten av ditt liv by timbuktu on sagolandet (budada records) $ Buy
  4. coming up by jelly crystal on jelly crystal (west coast recordings) $ Buy
  5. Ducks by Kornél Kovács on Stockholm Marathon (Studio Barnhus) $ Buy
  6. Show Me Love by Robyn on Robyn Is Here (Ricochet) $ Buy
  7. robyn is here by robyn on robyn is here (ricochet) $ Buy
  8. currency low by off the meds on currency low (studio barnhus) $ Buy
  9. heybabey by josef slunge on heybabey (s/r) $ Buy
  10. lovelight (JV-30) by ruby empress on empressionism (ruby records) $ Buy
  11. wait in summer by addis black widow on abw (instant karma) $ Buy
  12. Det snurrar i min skalle by Familjen on Det snurrar i min skalle (Adrian Recordings) $ Buy