chemical X ep 68: songs about breakups </3


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  1. if you supply the paint by donny electric on if you supply the paint (s/r) $ Buy
  2. potential breakup song by aly & aj on insomniatic (hollywood records) $ Buy
  3. child of moving on by caroline smith on half about being a woman (s/r) $ Buy
  4. headaches by raveena on headaches (moonstone recordings) $ Buy
  5. self love by GLO on self love (s/r) $ Buy
  6. don't call me by ida'ye on worm EP (self-released ) $ Buy
  7. who you lovin' by ida'ye on who you lovin' (s/r) $ Buy
  8. hurts (feat. Louis The Child & Whethan) by Wafia on Hurts (Atlantic recordings) $ Buy
  9. I Wish I Missed My Ex by Mahalia on Single (Asylum Records) $ Buy
  10. be cool to me by nanami ozone on desire (long live death) $ Buy
  11. I Feel Free by DILLY DALLY on Heaven (Partisan Records) $ Buy
  12. wounded heart by tennis on ritual in repeat (communion records) $ Buy
  13. demi moore by phoebe bridgers on stranger in the alps (dead oceans) $ Buy
  14. He Cried by The Shangri-Las on The Best of The Shangri-Las (The Island Def Jam) $ Buy
  15. No Man Is Big Enough for My Arms by Ibeyi on Ash (XL) $ Buy