Show #22 / Sound Bath / 2.22.20

Bathe in sound. This should be played at high volume. Enjoy~


  1. Basic Need by Tirzah on Devotion (-)
  2. High Tide by Hang Drum Social Club on Handpan Sine Waves (n/a)
  3. Reminiscence by Dante Bucci on Reminiscence (n/a)
  4. Time by David Charrier on Zyvoon (n/a)
  5. Urban by Kate Stone on Urban (n/a)
  6. Space Drum (feat. Yuki Koshimoto) by Mr.Malone on Bask in the Abyss (n/a)
  7. Bowls by Caribou on Swim (n/a)
  8. Unknown Path by Laura Inserra on Altitude (n/a)