ProFans Radio 3-30-15


  1. Rose Garden by Smiles (Death Records)
  2. Drone by Chastity Belt on Time To Go Home (Hardly Art)
  3. Disease Freak by Alex Calder on Mold Boy (Captured Tracks)
  4. Last Words of A Shooting Star by Mitski on Bury Me At Makeout Creek (Double Double Whammy)
  5. Picture This by Kero Kero Bonito (Secret Songs)
  6. I Don't Care by Prince Innocence
  7. Mickie by Ellie Herring on Secret Songs
  8. This is A Man's, Man's World by Saada Bonaire (Captured Tracks)
  9. Str8 Outta Mumbai (BenZel Remix) by Jai Paul
  10. Confusion by Capital Punishment on Roadkill (Captured Tracks)
  11. You Don't Like Songs by G. Green on Area Codes
  12. Somebody Call A Doctor by Sunflower Bean on Show Me Your Seven Secrets EP
  13. Spacer Woman by Charlie (Antibesic)
  14. You're A Front by Never Young on Never Young EP (Father/Daughter)
  15. City by Spring King
  16. Button Up by Sheer Mag (Kartoga Works)
  17. Not Real by Stealing Sheep on Get Not Real (Heavenly Recordings)
  18. Order The Court by Odonis Odonis (Buzz Records)
  19. Come To Your House by Bouquet on In A Dream Playlist
  20. Know Yourself by Drake on If You're Reading This It's Too Late
  21. Billz by Ava Luna on Infinite House (Western Vinyl)
  22. Land of LaLa by Sex Stains
  23. Everything New by No Joy on More Faithful (Mexican Summer)
  24. Call it Off by Shamir on Rachet (XL)
  25. Your Pain Is Mine Now by Title Fight on Hyperview (Anti-)
  26. No Reason by Death Valley Girls on Street Venom (Burger Records)
  27. I Love You But I'm Crying RN by Baby J
  28. Heart of Darkness by Fine Steps
  29. Skid Row by Dinner (Captured Tracks)