transfiguration #127 under the spell of nature mix (tina burner)


  1. The Deepdale Halophyte Economy by Robin Saville on Build a Diorama (Morr Music)
  2. Habitat by Maribel Tafur on VAUS 5 (Random Collective)
  3. Sea of Tranquility by Sign Libra on Sea to Sea (RVNG Intl.)
  4. Origens Da Luz by Priscilla Ermel on Origens Da Luz (Music From Memory)
  5. Mothertongue (Zoe Polanski Remix) by YGT on Sinking Ship Remixed (Youngbloods)
  6. Grounds by Perko & Lia on The City Rings (Numbers)
  7. Illusion of Time by Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini on Illusion of Time (Mute)
  8. Mosaic by Cofaxx on Isles
  9. Kuhl II by Chi on The Original Recordings
  10. The Moment When Sunset Fades Away by me:mo on Botanas: me:mo
  11. Something Sacred by White Poppy on Paradise Gardens
  12. Speaking Tree by Kousk on Cosmofania (V.A.)
  13. Maracuya - Dunes oubliées by voodoohop on Mamazonia : Odes to the Forest - Vol.1
  14. Blomic by Carmen Villain on Plant Music
  15. Vitreous Body by Isabella on Magnetica
  16. Ritual by Katie Gately on Loom
  17. Mar en Camaná by Tomás Tello on Cimora
  18. Rêve(il) by DÖM on DÖM
  19. Sad Nudes by Cate Le Bon & Group Listening on Here It Comes Again
  20. Maia by Andrés Oddone on Aura
  21. Jaybo by Cass. & Gianni Brezzo on Masala Kiss
  22. Assum Preto by PASSARO on Pássaro Encantado
  23. Kalos Eidos (feat. Minnas) by QOSQI on Qosqillas
  24. Fulcrum II by Samuel Rohrer on Continual Decentering (Arjunamusic)
  25. Shustari by Koyil on Healing Cycles (DiG Records)
  26. Inner Peace by Livigesh on Gems (Tonal Unity)
  27. Desert Dawn (Original) by NOBLE SPIRITS on Badarchin, Vol. 02 (Baikal Nomads)
  28. Patches Theme by Eden Burns on Paws a Taieri Story (Public Possession)
  29. Corrie Caves by resili on Cups (Optimo Music)
  30. Exotic Gardens by David Shea on The Tower of Mirrors (Sub Rosa)