transfiguration # 128 the twilight hour mix (tina burner)


  1. Mother of Mantras by Farrah Boule on Patchwork (Compiled by Sassy J) (Rush Hour)
  2. Encounterment by Counter Silence on This Is Only Part of the Story (Subexotic)
  3. Yellow Flowers! (feat. Darren Hayman) by For Now on Fieldwave, Vol. 1 (nonclassical)
  4. Village of the Sun (feat. Binker and Moses) by Village of the Sun (Gearbox)
  5. Nefertiti by Gigi Masin on Calypso (Apollo)
  6. White Pepper (Ambient Mix) by Alphonse on Stolen Sunrise ([Emotional] Especial)
  7. Sixth Street Conversation by Nick Malkin on A Typical Night In the Pit (Soda Gong)
  8. This Much More by Laraaji, Arji OceAnanda & Dallas Acid on Arrive Without Leaving (Flying Moonlight)
  9. Anand Prabat by RANGA on Tabla Trail (Aquarius Int'l Music)
  10. Pain Relief by Huerta on Junipero (Voyage)
  11. Pendulum by Counter Silence on This Is Only Part of the Story (Subexotic)
  12. Variation on a Mask by Lemon Quartet on Crestless (Last Resort)
  13. Loving Kindness by Matthew Halsall on Oneness (Gondwana)
  14. Colby Park by Calibre on Planet Hearth (Signature)
  15. Blume by Nérija on Blume (Domino)
  16. Open (feat. Kryshe) by Ecovillage on Arrived (Dronarivm)
  17. Azure by Maisha on There Is a Place (Brownswood)
  18. Limping Through the Garden by Lemon Quartet on Crestless (Last Resort)
  19. Circles (feat. Jake Telford) by Annabel (lee) on I Came Across a Dreamer (Youngbloods)
  20. Impossible Color (Yu Su Remix) by Carmen Villain on Both Lines Will Be Blue Remixed (Smalltown Supersound)
  21. Scarlett by Loke Rahbek & Frederik Valentin on Elephant (Posh isolation)
  22. Descending by Sam Wilkes on Wilkes (Leaving)
  23. In the Nap Zone (feat. Agata) by Annjet & Newborn Jr on Modern Ways of Treating Insomnia (Dopeness Galore)
  24. I've Been Here Before by Matthew Halsall on Colour Yes (Special Edition) (Gondwana)