1. MG1 by Machine Girl on WLFGRL (Dred Collective)
  2. Low End Theory - by Mono/Poly ( on Monotomic (Hit + Run))
  3. Forked Tongues - [Aztek Remix] ( by Seekers International (self released))
  4. Harambee 2 The Sun by Ras_G & The Afrikan Space Program on Dance of the Cosmos (Akashik Records)
  5. foot powder by bastiengoat on kinetics (self released)
  6. Only (For Rashad) by Eric Uh on Footworkz & Networkz (Movelike))
  7. BRAVE (GIL REMIX) by SWAN MEAT on TAME: REMIXED (self released)
  8. iNDuSTrY by Lil Jabba on GROTTO (Local Action)
  9. Triangle by Seiho on Spore Drive Split EP (Leaving Records)
  10. No Show - by Color Plus ( on Litesowt - (Paxico Records))
  11. Talk To The Lord On My Knees - by LAVA DOME (self released)
  12. Run Thru My Mind by Bored Lord on rejected from heaven (self released)
  13. Music For The Heavy Soul by MoMA (self released)
  14. Reaching You by Client_03 on Testbed_Output_01 (Astrophonica)
  15. 2020 by Robot Samurai (self released)
  16. LAVISH ASS by Ase Manual on Cookies (self released)
  17. No Light by Confesión (Luru Remix) on Treason EP (Remezcl)
  18. digital by bastiengoat on kinetics (self released)
  19. I need some distraction - by bored lord ( on rejected from heaven - (self released))
  20. deeply in love by bored lord on rejected from heaven (self released)
  21. filled with desire by bored lord on rejected from heaven (self released)
  22. Ciara Drum Dub by ahadadream (self released)
  23. RHRN by Doc Zee x Kromabis x Bonxo (Wile Out)
  24. Machines by Client_03 on Testbed_Output_01 (Astrophonica)
  25. Quien Se Comio Mi Chocolate by OMAAR (Super Kitchen)
  26. Dragonfly Drone by Nick Leon (Space Tapes)
  27. Etched Headplate by Burial on Untrue (Hyperdub)
  28. Don't Laugh by Josh Wink (D-Rom)
  29. icky by color plus on (Pure Energy - (Vanity Press Records))
  30. Nina by Byrell The Great (self released)
  31. Data Dust by Syn on Dub Club Volume 1 (Thrust Collective)
  32. UR4CR33PER by GREAZUS X Sinistarr on Continuum (NCTLX x Sublimate)
  33. RIZLA by Velaluna (unreleased)
  34. Running Fixture by James Bangor (self released)
  35. fading by shlohmo on dark red (wedidit)
  36. CCP (Traxman’s Just Like This Remix) by Traxman (self released)
  37. groceries by bastiengoat on kinetics (self released)
  38. LiluzibettamoveBlanco160v2 by EL BLANCO NINO (self released)
  39. LOVIN’ U by KRUSH JUKE on Juke Aid: Footman for the Bushfires - (The Big Fresh Collective)
  40. The Fix by Provoke on Ambrosia EP (Aeronenma)
  41. GET TO THE CHOPPAAAAAAAAAAAAA (keep ya head dooowwwnn) - by Traxman (self released)
  42. Posi Vibes by DJ Hank on Traffic Control (Sophomore Lounge Records)
  43. Cyberia Lyr 1 by Sewerslvt (self released)
  44. PHAT BEAT feat. Los by Scatta on SCATTA & Friends Vol. 1 (self released)