sadderday, #137


  1. Persona Non Grata by Bright Eyes on Persona Non Grata (Dead Oceans)
  2. 88 Fingers Edward by Ratboys on Printer's Devil (Top Shelf)
  3. My Little Relief by onelinedrawing on The Three Sketchys (Self Released)
  4. Oh No, Don't… by Owls on Two (Jade Tree)
  5. Play Hurt by The American Analog Set on Set Free (Arts & Craft)
  6. Yr Not Ramona Flowers, Yr Knives Chau by Commander Salamander on Gross October (Happy Dog)
  7. She Dreams of Melting Rocks by Hightide Hotel on Nothing Was Missing, Except Me (Count Your Lucky Stars!)
  8. Stimulus Progression by Dad Thighs on Easy Listening (Old Press)
  9. My Old Man Had a Pistol by The New Amsterdams on Para Toda Vida (Vagrant)
  10. Starting Over / Slow Down by The Dangerous Summer on Mother Nature (Hopeless)
  11. Keep You Company by Sincere Engineer on Rhombithian (Red Scare)
  12. The Pieces of You by Pronoun on I'll Show You Stronger (Rhyme & Reason)
  13. Let Me In by Sloss Minor on G Major Neutral Zero (JMB)
  14. What Made The Reverend Smile by Very Secretary on Insound Tour Support EP (Insound)
  15. St. Modesto by Chris Walla on Field Manual (Barsuk)
  16. Sparkling Water by David Bazan on Volume 1 / Number 2 / August 2014 (Self Released)
  17. Sleep Well by Umbrellas on Umbrellas (The Militia Group)
  18. Mr. Moon by Eisley on The Valley (Equal Vision)
  19. Time Bandits by Laura Stevenson on Time Bandits (Self Released)
  20. Union Square by Chumped on Chumped (Anchorless)
  21. SOMEONE NEW by S on 2006 (Self Released)
  22. Like a Future With No Friend by Small Brown Bike on Dead Reckoning (No Idea)
  23. Love Your Friends Die Laughing (Electric) by Man Overboard on The Human Highlight Reel (Run For Cover)
  24. Seven Stop Hold Restart by Bear vs. Shark on Right Now You're In The Best Of Hands / Terrorhawk (Equal Vision)
  25. Trinity by emiLy on riverrun (A man with all the powers of a man!)
  26. Self Doubt by Stuck Out on You Won't Come Home - EP (Self Released)
  27. The End With You by Box Car Racer on Box Car Racer (MCA)
  28. abhor by tombo crush on tombo crush (self released)
  29. happy birthday by hospital bracelet on neutrality acoustic (self released)
  30. Do You Feel? by The Rocket Summer on Do You Feel? (The Militia Group)
  31. Little Rounder by Brandtson on Dial In Sounds (Deep Elm)
  32. Garden Song by Phoebe Bridgers on Garden Song (Dead Oceans)