1. Dream Cleaver by death valley girls on Dream Cleaver (Suicide Squeeze Records)
  2. The Process by Chastity Belt on The Process (Hardly Art)
  3. What It Is by Angel Olsen on All Mirrors (Jagjaguar)
  4. Heavy Metal by Cindy Lee on What's Tonight To Eternity (Superior Viaduct)
  5. Raspberry Jam by allah-las on Self Discovery for Social Survival (Mexican Summer)
  6. This Heat by Deeper on Auto-Pan (Fire Talk)
  7. Bells by STUCK on Change Is Bad (born yesterday records)
  8. Teenage Hive by FACS on Void Moments (Trouble In Mind)
  9. Processed by the Boys by Protomartyr on Ultimate Success Today (Domino Records)
  10. Frightful in the Sunlight by Chemtrails on ThePeculiar Smell of the Inevitable (PNKSLM)
  11. Won't Go Far by Dead Bars on Split w/ Raging Nathans (Self Released)
  12. Circles by Personality Cult on New Arrows (Dirt Nap Records)
  13. Stressy by Hanni El Khatib (Innovative Leisure)
  14. Great Dividing Rage by The Gooch Palms on Great Dividing Rage (Self Released)
  15. Funny Honey by Ex-Bats on Kickes, Hits, and Fits (Self Released)
  16. I'd Rather Be with Me by Hank Wood and the Hammerheads on HEADS (Self Released)
  17. Detroit Riot by Mattiel on Customer Copy (Burger Records)
  18. Up and Leave by Invisible Rays on Up and Leave b/w Come Around (Self Released)
  19. Accidental Introversion by Cheap Vacation on Cheap Vacation (Self Released)
  20. Booksmart by Holiday Ghosts on West Bay Playroom (PNKSLM)
  21. Meet You by Sorespot on Gifts of Consciousness (Midnight Werewolf Records)
  22. Sweet Crunch by Fake Rays on Fake Rays & Greed Island Split (Midnight Werewolf Records)
  23. Sober Souls by NOTCHES on New Kinda Love (Salinas Records)
  24. Exactly What Nobody Wanted by Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage on Bad Wiring (Don Giovanni Records)
  25. Good Bad Times by Hinds on The Prettiest Curse (Mom+Pop)
  26. Souvenir by Endless Column on Endless Column (Erste Theke Tonträger)
  27. Staying In by Juliana Hatfield on Weird (American Laundromat)
  28. Talk to Me by Ex Hex on It's Real (Merge Records)
  29. Last Hall by The Coathangers on The Devil You Know (Suicide Squeeze Records)
  30. Backseat by Long Neck on World's Strongest Dog (Self Released)
  31. Heavenly by Adventures on Supersonic Home (Self Released)
  32. Slumber by Charmer on Ivy (No Sleep Records)
  33. Get My Mind Right by Fiddlehead on Get My Mind Right (Self Released)
  34. Pillow by Cable Ties on Far Enough (Merge)
  35. 5 Years Behind by THICK on 5 Years Behind (Epitaph)