Apr 11, 2020: Morr Music showcase on 'Mai + Charlie' (rebroadcast)


  1. Noyaux by Benoît Pioulard on Noyaux EP (Morr Music)
  2. In the Walls by Fenster on The Pink Caves (Morr Music)
  3. Selah by Orcas on Yearling (Morr Music)
  4. Rétt Eða Rangt by Óbó on Innhverfi (Morr Music)
  5. Intentions and Variations by Mikael Lind on Intentions and Variation (Morr Music)
  6. Insomnia by Electric President on Electric President (Morr Music)
  7. Canoe Canoa by Populous on Queue for Love (Morr Music)
  8. Orange by Pascal Pinon on Sundur (Morr Music)
  9. Hey Paul Anka by Sequoyah Tiger on Ta Ta Ta Time (Morr Music)
  10. Ghost and Creatures by Telekinesis on Dormarion (Morr Music)
  11. Halloween by Sóley on Ask the Deep (Morr Music)
  12. We Fall by FM Belfast on Don't Want To Sleep (Morr Music)
  13. We All Have A Map Of The Piano by Múm on Finally We Are No One (Morr Music)
  14. Sing From Dream by Sin Fang on Summer Echoes (Morr Music)
  15. Being Water by Lali Puna on Being Water (Morr Music)
  16. Arms by Seabear on The Ghost That Carried Us Away (Morr Music)
  17. We Run by The Go Find on Brand New Love (Morr Music)
  18. Minuit by Slow Steve on Steps (Morr Music)
  19. Far Away Sun by Aloa Input on Mars, etc. (Morr Music)
  20. Competition by The Dodos on Individ (Morr Music)
  21. Þerney (One Thing) by Pascal Pinon on Twosomeness (Morr Music)
  22. These Days by People Press Play on These Days (Morr Music)
  23. Hero Whales by Ms. John Soda on Loom (Morr Music)
  24. Cat Emperor by Fenster on The Pink Caves (Morr Music)
  25. You Take It Slowly by Telekinesis on Dormarion (Morr Music)
  26. Toothwheels by múm on Smilewound (Morr Music)
  27. Photoelectric by Örvar Smárason ft. Sillus on Light is Liquid (Morr Music)
  28. Move On by Lali Puna on Faking the Books (Morr Music)
  29. I Don't Wanna Go To Sleep Either by FM Belfast on Don't Want to Sleep (Morr Music)
  30. Tennis by Sin Fang, Sóley & Örvar Smárason on Team Dreams (Morr Music)
  31. Sleep/Swim by Múm on Finally We Are No One (morr music)