1. Mind Tear by Isabella on Melody Depleted (iDEAL)
  2. Break
  3. Movement by Jung An Tagen on Emergent Properties (ETAT)
  4. Goldo by exael on Aphelion Lash (West Mineral Ltd.)
  5. Downlink by Patricia on Maxyboy (Ghostly)
  6. Kosmaj by Gamayun on Filterealism (Gost Zvuk)
  7. The Pouring Dark by Ssaliva on God Room (Self-released)
  8. Laced by Maxwell Sterling on Laced With Rumour: Loud-Speaker Of Truth (Ecstatic)
  9. Roman Navel by Croatian Amor on Genitalia Garden (Posh Isolation)
  10. The Yellow Porcelain Bird by Okkyung Lee on Yeo​-​Neun (Shelter Press)
  11. The Sacred Dance by Huerco S. on For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) (Proibito)
  12. Elephant (Pita version) by Frederik Valentin & Loke Rahbek on Elephant Reworks (Posh Isolation)