1 "everything's fine, I guess" OneWerd (Album: everything's fine, I guess.) [Self-Released]
2 "Viva Tirado" KEV (Soundcloud) [N/A]
3 "Pretty Baby"Whoarei (Soundcloud) [N/A]
4 "Monotony"  STÍZU (Album: EP: SOMBER SOUNDS) (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
5 "sleepy head"  do more (ovrkast. & demahjiae) (Soundcloud) [N/A]
6 "La Vida (Prod. Plazbo)"  NimSins (Soundcloud) [N/A]
7 "Forrest Walk (D3_Z x Layla Aghaee)"  HMPMLK (Album: Forrest Walk (D3_Z x Layla Aghaee) - Single) [Self-Released]
8 "ju"  ultramane (Soundcloud) [N/A]
9 "Nonversations (feat. Nimsins) [Prod by Mejiwahn, ShunGu, and Daoud]"  Spote Breeze (Soundcloud) [N/A]
10 "Bazz"  Aly (Album: EARWAX ZIPTAPE TWO)  [Allied Forces Press]
11 "Oct_2nd"  STILLSHINE (Soundcloud) [N/A]
12 "Vitamins"  Mieksneak (AlbumL EARWAX ZIPTAPE TWO)  [Allied Forces Press]
13 "Opening Seen" Bdot (Album: The Score) [Self-Released]
14 "*sigh*"  sweetcherry (Soundcloud) [N/A]
15 "Ze Cool Out (Feat. Brandon Rayson)"  Queens D.Light (Album: California Wildflower) [Self-Released]
16 "Lost Souls (feat. Nexus & Equipto)"  Khan (Album: Code Switching) [Self-Released]
17 "BE LIKE THAT"  Infinxte Soul (Album: ONE HIGH DAY)  Left Handed Mantis
18 "Bayliens (feat TEEQUE Nylujjj)"  Various Ages (Soundcloud) [N/A]
19 "Aura (Prod. BabyErf)"  Souz Sifu (Soundcloud) [N/A]
20 "Destined (Prod. Dreego)"  Dreego & Limon (Soundcloud) [N/A]
21 "Mirage"  Heddy Fur (Album: Left Coast Conference Vol. 2)  [77 Rise Recordings]
22 "Sinister Six (Middle Name Danger x Demolition Duo x dubldragon.)"  Notha Instant Classic (Album: MENTAL VACATION: Trains of Thought)  [Lobetrotters Collective]
23 "What Would i Do 2"  Pride City Purpose (Album: Life & Sound) [Self-Released]
24 "Celesite (feat. Isaiah McLane & Wraith Knowledge)"  James Tyler (Soundcloud) [N/A]
25 "Childhood Heroes"  Ayentee (Album: My Retirement Plan IS Death) [Self-Released]
26 "Play No Games (feat. Jaime Hinckson)"  Dirac (Album: Parkway Blues) [Self-Released]
27 "CA"  Z-MAN & Elon (Soundcloud) [N/A]
28 "See What Eye See (Prod. by Kenn Chron)"  Steve Shankle (Album: Ways of the World - EP) (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
29 "Name of the Game"  Phillipdrummond (Album: #GlobalBeatCypher Part VII Beat Tape)  Today's Future Sound
30 "confinement of a dream"  3kelves (Album: hilo nites.) [Self-Released]
31 "If it wasn't for the love" Bored Stiff (Album: Rethink Everything Compilation Presented by Brussel Sprouts)   [Self-Released]
32 "functions/all in"  eighty9s (Album: Past Time) [Self-Released]
33 "Bama to the Bay (feat. Sortahuman, JB Nimble, & PO3)"  Kev, Clops, & Deacon (Album: The Woods) [Self-Released]
34 "Kenshin"  Adonis (Soundcloud) [N/A]
35 "THRU THE PHONE"  Ion the Prize (Album: THRU THE PHONE / GET THRU THIS) [Self-Released]
36 "Knowledge Of Self (feat. UnLearn The World)"  Ronesh (Album: Olive Branches) [Self-Released]
37 "POSITIVE BEINGS (Power I Feel)"  BPos (Album: Positive Beings)  [One League Entertainment]
38 "BABY BREATH"  The Zap Tap (Album: THE AWKWARD JOG BACK) [Self-Released]
39 "No Games"  M.C. K~Swift (Album: Keep Your Distance)  [New Rap Order]
40 "The Way I Feel (Love Theme)"  DAILON (Album: The Way I Feel (Love Theme) - Single)  [Self-Released]