The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Sonsombre & DJs LunaGoth and Doktor Reaktor (Spokane) 5/5/20


  1. The Future Is Black by Sonsombre on The Veils Of Ending (2019)
  2. Shadows by Twin Tribes on Shadows (2018)
  3. Break
  4. Take Me Higher by Qual on The Ultimate Climax (2018)
  5. Thy Will Be Done by Ashes Fallen on Thy Will Be Done (2020)
  6. Pagan Lovesong by Virgin Prunes on If I Die, I Die (1982)
  7. Darker Skies by Sonsombre on One Thousand Graves (2020)
  8. Stay Inside Your Home by Not So Ebb on Stay Inside Your Home single (2020)
  9. Opr by Gesaffelstein on Conspiracy Pt.2 (2011)
  10. All Day by Ministry on Twitch (1986)
  11. Neuromancer by Priest on OBEY (2019)
  12. Shawna's Song by George on Lovecraft (2020)
  13. Fear by Sonsombre on The Veils Of Ending (2019)
  14. Double Barrel Prayer by Diamonda Galas on You Must Be Certain Of The Devil (1988)
  15. Stagger Lee by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds on Murder Ballads (1996)
  16. Dark by Secret Shame on Dark (2019)
  17. Slave To The Needle by Agonoize on Ultraviolent Six (2006)
  18. Break
  19. Not Today by Steilacoom on Teatro Luminoso (2018)