The Spectacular @Jon_Digital: Episode 050

Clear skies, full moon. Wear headphones.


  1. Discipline Of Enthusiasm by Lorenzo Senni on Scacco Matto (Warp Records)
  2. Floatin' by Cool Company on Single (Cool Company Music)
  3. Get Away by The Colours That Rise on Grey Doubt (Rhythm Section International)
  4. Isle Of Taste (Patrice Scott Remix) by Session Victim on Single (Night Time Stories)
  5. Hush by Defsharp on Single (Night Owl Collective)
  6. The Prance by Johannes Albert on Single (Fine)
  7. Goultili Bye Bye by Nordine Staifi on Maghreb K7 Club (Bongo Joe)
  8. Fixed Elections by Deadbeat on Something Borrowed, Something Blue (BLKRTZ)
  9. Flower District by Alex Martian on Single (Night Owl Collective)
  10. 9mm by Drae Da Skimask on Freebase 5 (901464 Records DK)
  11. Fade Away by Roisin Marie on Single (SMG Ent)
  12. A Lover's Haze by Isaac Winemiller on Single (Isaac Winemiler)
  13. Flutes by Jessamine on ://About Blank 008 (://About Blank)
  14. I Have A Dream by Minors, Struna on Single (Minors)
  15. Felina by Lexer on Single (Einmuskia Recordings)
  16. Le Tigre by Overmono on Poly011 (Poly Kicks)
  17. In My Heart by Tapan on 5 Year Compilation (Malka Tuti)
  18. The Trade by Jack Bannon on Single (Jak Bannon)
  19. Photo ID by Remi Wolf on Single (Remi Wolf)
  20. Treat You Right by Yellow Days on Single (Sony Music Entertainment)
  21. A Song For Mia by Patrice Scott on Moments & Concepts (Sistrum)
  22. Downlink by Patrcia on Single (Ghostly International)