Gumbo Grooves Ep. 15 - Free the Robots, Auntie Flo, Ishmael Ensemble


  1. Kagul by Free the Robots on Datu (Astral Travels)
  2. Asemoon by Omid Walizadeh on Modern Persian Speech Sounds (1150495 Records DK)
  3. Nevar by El Buho, Didacte on Nevar (Wonderwheel Recordings)
  4. Kabsa by Auntie Flo on Kabsa (Disco Halal)
  5. Yellow Dub (feat. Yama Warashi) by Ishmael Ensemble, Yama Warashi on Yellow House/ Yellow Dub (Severn Songs)
  6. Naturaleza (Mose Edit) by Danit, Mose on Naturaleza (Mose Edit) (Mose Music)