Tuff Signals 69 "The Other Coasts"


  1. Cat Food by Manatees on Cat Food 7 (Goner Records)
  2. Adderall by The Coathangers on Suck My Shirt (Suicide Squeeze)
  3. Worries by OBN Ill's on Third Time To Harm (TTT Records)
  4. Not a Problem by Black Lips on Let It Bloom (In the Red Recordings)
  5. White Noise by Nots on We Are Nots (Goner Records)
  6. Confusion by Shocked Minds on Shocked Minds LP (HOZAC RECORDS)
  7. Content Nausea by Parquet Courts on Content Nausea (What's Your Rupture?)
  8. So Long by Anomie (Father/Daughter Records)
  9. No Good by The Ar-Kaics on The Ar-Kaics (Windian Records)
  10. Ali-Gator by Meticuolus Women on Meticulous Women (Self Released)
  11. Beat on Beat by Sick Thoughts (Goner Records)
  12. White on a Friday Night by Golden Pelicans on White on a Friday Night 7 (Total Punk)
  13. Midnight Passenger by Ex-Cult on Midnight Passenger (Goner Records)
  14. I'm a Disaster by Buck Biloxi and the Fucks on Buck Biloxi and the Fucks (Red Lounge Records)
  15. Cosmic Vision by JEFF The Brotherhood on Wasted on the Dream ((C) Infinity Cat Recordings)
  16. Illuminations by The King Khan & BBQ Show on Bad News Boys (In The Red Recrdings)
  17. Sinead O'Rebellion by Worriers on Sinead O'Rebellion (Yo Yo Records)
  18. Would if i Could by Total Slacker on Slip Away (Black Bell Records)
  19. Satin Dollars by Liquor Store on In the Garden (Almost Ready Records)
  20. Daylight Savings by Gymshorts on NO BACKSIES (Manimal Vinyl)
  21. East Gun Hill by Dirty Fences on Ladies Choice (Oops Baby Records)
  22. Outta Town by Jeffrey Lewis & The Jrams on Jeffrey Lewis & The Jrams (Rough Trade)
  23. Hands Off by Trampoline Team on Mike Life Crisis (Self Released)
  24. Gravity Reverse by Heavy Lids (Pelican Pow wow)
  25. Go Easy by Black Linen (Self Released)
  26. Yo La Vi by Plastic Pinks (Self Released)
  27. Who Cares? by Gino And The Goons on GINO AND THE GOONS (Slovenly Recordings)
  28. MIDNITE by NANCY on NANCY LP (Eat the Life Records)
  29. Watching Every Channel at Once by Slonk Donkerson on Watching Every Channel at Once (EP) (Self Released)
  30. Walkin' Down My Street by Nude Beach on II (Fat Possum Records)
  31. Outta My Head by The Neighbors on Demos (Self Released)
  32. Harcard by Diet Cig on Over Easy (Father Daughter Records)
  33. What You Want by Sheer Mag on What You Want 7 (Wilsuns Recording Company)
  34. Day At The Beach by Atlantic Thrills on Atlantic Thrills (Almost Ready Records)
  35. Tibetan Pop Stars by Hop Along on Get Disowned (Self Released)