The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Die Krupps & The RGV Communion Collective (McAllen, TX) 5/12/20


  1. Sirenen by Male on Zensur & Zensur
  2. Fatherland (Sisters Of Mercy Remix) by Die Krupps on Die Krupps II: The Final Option
  3. Drowning by Sixth June on Pleasure
  4. The Cutter by Echo And The Bunnymen on Porcupine
  5. Goldfinger by Die Krupps on Volle Kraft Voraus!
  6. Stahlwerksynfonie by Die Krupps on Stahlwerksynfonie
  7. Vision 2020 Vision by Die Krupps on Vision 2020 Vision
  8. Hallucination Generation (Syametic Nightmare) by The Gruesome Twosome on Candy From Strangers
  9. Break
  10. The Porter by Dream Affair on From Now On
  11. Luxury in Deceit [Demo Version] by Venom Vampires
  12. Parasitic Entity by Angels Of Suicide on Dark Daze EP
  13. Break
  14. Shahlwerksynfonie by Die Krupps on Stahlwerksynfonie
  15. The Machineries Of Joy by Nitzer Ebb & Die Krupps
  16. Scarecrow by Siouxsie & The Banshees on Peepshow
  17. Break
  18. Kiss (Ra Mix) by London After Midnight on Psycho Magnet
  19. Walking On Your Hands by Red Lorry Yellow Lorry on Paint Your Wagon