Ep 125: "Your Intention"

Small Crimes, their EP Dim Returns (bandcamp) further refines the band's knack for creating smooth coherence out of near-concréte elements of musical tension, all swirling around the smooth yet forceful contours of Keri Shewmaker's vocals. 📸: Deb Leal

Small Crimes and I Luv Mondays urge you to support CALMA-- Collective Action for Laborers, Migrants, and Asylum Seekers. CALMA supports asylum seekers, day laborers, and migrants both locally and at the US/Mexico border.

We also urge you to support National Bailout Fund, which in response to the COVID-19 is bailing out Black mothers  and caregivers through the end of May.

BFF.fm is pairing its Spring fundraiser with a disaster relief fund for Bay Area musicians. Please support local independent media and support the immediate welfare of people in this community.

Episode title is from the end of the Small Crimes song "Dim Returns":

"Your Attention/

Your Intention/

Your Affection."

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  1. Danger (Sonata) by Small Crimes on Dim Returns
  2. Dim Returns by Small Crimes on Dim Returns
  3. Unemployment Suite by David Castillo on The Suite Life
  4. Charmless by The Snogs on Charmless (Discontinuous Innovations Inc)
  5. Everything's Fine (When I Go Outside) by Mae Powell
  6. More Slore by Trash Vampires on Yardwaste
  7. Precious Alone Time by The Gonks on Five Things You Didn't Know About the Gonks (Rocks In Your Head)
  8. Mango Juice by Samplelov on As You Are
  9. Disappears by Kokomo Hum
  10. Hold Still by Ötzi on Storm (Artoffact)
  11. Mona Lisa by The 1981
  12. Shark Skin by SOAR on Soft Dial Tone
  13. Curtains Close by The Telephone Numbers on Pictures of Lee
  14. Girl on the Street by Sonny & the Sunsets (Rocks in Your Head)
  15. Body Talk by Zelma Stone on Dreamland
  16. Maria Balloon by The Alternating Currents on NŪN
  17. Pie by Jeweled Snakes
  18. The Songs You Used to Write by The Reds, Pinks, and Purples on Workers of the World
  19. October '04 by Eve's Peach
  20. Heart Beat Hug by Gentle Return on This is Really Happening (No Narrator Records)
  21. The Rules by Billie Gale on Imprint
  22. Industrial Sheik by Sutros on Sutros
  23. Comb Your Hair by Abracadabra
  24. Pink Slushee by 7-11 Jesus on My Poetry is Lit, How is Yours? (Animal Testing Records)
  25. Dirt by Buddy Junior on Marietta
  26. Red Herring by Middle-Aged Queers on Too Fag for Love
  27. I-280 (On-Ramp) by The Noriegas on Trans-Noriega Express
  28. Savannah by Dawn Riding on Last Spring
  29. Blue Eyes by Joshua Barnhart
  30. Chameleon by Agouti on Nodes
  31. Unreachable by Bobbi Rohs on itsjusttheletterb (Textme Records)
  32. Banana Job by Goof on Goof
  33. Goth Lobster by Cruel Summer on Part Time Punks Sessions II
  34. January Twenty Something by Why? on Eskimo Snow (Anticon)
  35. Arroyo Burro by dot Vom on Melatonin EP (textme records)
  36. Down Down Gently by The Younger Lovers
  37. To the Boy I Jumped in Hemlock Alley by White Fence on Cyclops Reap