Seldom Seen

This week's show features Elbow's The Seldom Seen Kid, one of their absolute best records in a career filled with standout anthems and sublime songwriting.


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  1. Good Talks by Fearing on Good Talks (Funeral Party) $ Buy
  2. Over Now by Special Guest on Dinosaur City Records Mixtape #4 (Dinosaur City Records) $ Buy
  3. Break
  4. Grounds for Divorce by Elbow on The Seldom Seen Kid (Polydor) $ Buy
  5. I'm Not Your Dog by Baxter Dury on The Night Chancers (LE LABEL) $ Buy
  6. I'm A Loser by Elephant Castle on I'm a Loser (Old Wizard) $ Buy
  7. Break
  8. Same Mistakes by We Were Promised Jetpacks on Out of Interest EP (Big Scary Monsters) $ Buy
  9. Internal Hourglass Discussion by Mark Lanegan on Straight Songs of Sorrow (Heavenly) $ Buy
  10. The Melting Hour by Tor Ludvall on The Melting Hour (Dais) $ Buy
  11. Break
  12. Some Riot by Elbow on The Seldom Seen Kid (Polydor) $ Buy
  13. Stealing Food by Mark Mothersbaugh on The Willoughbys (Netflix Studios) $ Buy
  14. Almost Forgot Myself by Doves on Some Cities (EMI) $ Buy
  15. Break
  16. The Loneliness of a Tower Crane Driver by Elbow on The Seldom Seen Kid (Polydor) $ Buy
  17. Don't Make Me Go Out on My Own by Mogwai on ZeroZeroZero (Rock Action) $ Buy
  18. Blackwell by The Album Leaf on OST (Eastern Glow) $ Buy
  19. The Fix (feat. Richard Hawley) by Elbow on The Seldom Seen Kid (Polydor) $ Buy
  20. Into the Surf by Foals on Everything Not Saved Will be Lost Part 2 (Warner) $ Buy
  21. Brazil by Doves on Remnats II (Virgin) $ Buy
  22. Break
  23. Where the Fuck Did April Go by The Streets on Where the Fuck Did April Go (Island) $ Buy
  24. Eternal Spring by Kotomi on Eternal Spring (Kotomi Music) $ Buy
  25. V V V (They Lie) by Petayo on V V V (They Lie) (Telephone Explosion) $ Buy