| Vix Vapor Rub Radio 5.21.2020


  1. Morning Broadway by Kieth Mansfield, Syd Dale on Kpm 1000: Chorus and Orchestra (KPM Music)
  2. Touching Souls by Kay Gardner on Mooncircles (Urana)
  3. Tea-Plucking and Catching Butterflies by Lily Chao on Chinese Folk Songs (Sothy Productions)
  4. Expo in Tokyo by Alan Moorhouse on KPM 1000 Series: The Big Beat - Vol. 2 (KPM Music Ltd.)
  5. Mentira (Chega De Mentira) by Marcos Vale on Big Bossa Nova (EMI)
  6. I Want More by CAN on Flow Motion (Spoon Records)
  7. Disco 82 by Kishore Kumar on Khud Dar
  8. Karesse by Souskay on Souskay best of (Je Production)
  9. Nou pa adan sa by Luc Leandry on On dot kout chen (Likid Likid)
  10. I Know What I Know by Paul Simon -- General M. D. Sh on Graceland (Sony)
  11. Mr. Diva by Medaho on Kaleta & Super Yamba Band (Kaleta & Super Yamba Band)
  12. I Said by RobJamWeb on Worx (Waxadisc)
  13. Rimini Nights by Jex Opolis, In the Night on Look at My Car! (Good Timin' Records)
  14. Parade D'Amour by Roman Flugel on Garden Party (Running Back)
  15. You Brought Me Love by MK on Made In Detroit (4 To the Floor Records)