Rude Awakening 095: Featured Album - Los Skagaleros "L@s Skagaler@s"


  1. Alive by Maggie Gently on Good Cry (Maggie Gently)
  2. Home by Small Crush on Home (ASIAN MAN RECORDS)
  3. End of Time by Bad Moves on Untenable (Don Giovanni)
  4. Not My Friend by Grey Matter on Climbing Out (Bad Time Records)
  5. In Too Deep by Skatune Network on Emo Goes Ska, Vol. 1
  6. White Riot by Catbite on Catbite/Omnigone Split (Bad Time Records)
  7. Who Saved Who by Ghost Tones on Who Saved Who (Dioguardi Records)
  8. Drowning, Louder by The Holophonics on Sunk Cost
  9. I Choo-Choo-Choose You by Younger Than Neil on Sunk Cost
  10. Legacy by Half Past Two on Ska Punk Daily
  11. Scavenger by Flying Raccoon Suit on Flying Raccoon Suit Makes A Friend
  12. 2 Tales of the Working Class by Los Skagaleros on L@s Skagaler@s
  13. Infinitely by Los Skagaleros on L@s Skagaler@s
  14. It's Not Property, It's Life by Los Skagaleros on L@s Skagaler@s
  15. Cunt Love by Los Skagaleros on L@s Skagaler@s
  16. PXPX by Los Skagaleros on L@s Skagaler@s
  17. Mind over Matter by Sarchasm on Beach Blanket: Bummer Pop!
  18. Uncomfortable Lounge Music by Millennial Falcon on Uncomfortable Lounge Music (Fake Publishing Millionaires)
  19. Pandemic by The Wild Jumps on Better Be Dead
  20. Karaoke Star by Creature Party on Best Regards
  21. Saturday Morning by HEY-SMITH on STOP THE WAR (Caffeine Bomb Organics)
  22. Break
  23. Para Andar Igual by Los Skarnales on Vatos Rude Forever!
  24. Things Go Away by Salvo on Off The Charts (Earth Libraries)
  25. Wet Cement by Math The Band on Wet Cement (Brinker International Music)
  26. One Drop Blues by The Classy Wrecks on Someday (Trouble Town Records)
  27. Rocks in My Head by Johnny Socko on Quatro (Triple R)
  28. Oslo By Night by The Phantoms on Oslo By Night (Studio Live Entertainment)
  29. The Boys Who Never Give Up by Dope Times on Life is a Mess (Craic Dealer Records)
  30. Rosa by No. 1 Korean on 2020
  31. You Won't Get Paid by Zen Baseballbat on You Won't Get Paid
  32. Higher Ground by [spunge] on Hang On? (Dent'all Records)
  33. Life Worth Living by The Spitfires on Life Worth Living
  34. Fairy Tales by The Skashank Redemption on Hard Feelings for Soft Places
  35. Wasted Youth by Stop The Presses on Money In The Bank