1. TROLL by Dean Blunt & Joanne Robertson & Vegyn on TROLL (World Music)
  2. Drumming (Zurkas Tepla Remix) by Moa Pillar on Drumming (Peer)
  3. Lap Talk by Isabella on Melody Depleted (iDEAL)
  4. Lost Lake by Marja Ahti on The Current Inside (Hallow Ground)
  5. 404.1 by 404.zero on 404.0 (Bedroom Community)
  6. grows by 1995 epilepsy on 1995 epilepsy (World Music)
  7. Spring of Wound by Elysia Crampton on ORCORARA 2010 (PAN)
  8. Inspirit by Julianna Barwick on Healing Is A Miracle (Ninja Tune)
  9. Skepsys by OL on SORM (Gost Zvuk)
  10. Pungent Lake by CV & JAB on Landscape Architecture (Editions Basilic)
  11. Remedy Portion Extraction by C. Lavender on Myth Of Equilibrium (Editions Mego)
  12. River Wensum Roe Deers by Kassel Jaeger on Swamps / Things (Shelter Press)
  13. Soar (feat. Klara Lewis) by France Jobin on Death Is Perfection, Everything Else Is Relative (Editions Mego)