At War With Radio #2


  1. Vomit (Horse Race at Lon Lon Ranch) by MF Doom on Ocarina of Rhyme (Not on a Label)
  2. Future Heart by Young Widow on Easy Pain (Temporary Residence, Ltd.)
  3. H#TE by Psychic Teens on COME (SRA Records)
  4. I am a Mantis on the Furthest Mountain Persuaded by a City by Ominous Black on Anthroshpere iV (Anthropic Records)
  5. We Fake Smiles by Towers on Full Circle (Init Records, Towering Sound)
  6. Hands and Knees by Walls on The Crawl / Hands and Knees (Iron Lung Records)
  7. Break
  8. Thomas Foolery by Worse on To Be Alive is To Be Alone (Self Released)
  9. O Fortuna by Nomos on Notes from the Acheron (Deranged)
  10. Hoagie Jawn by Shirtless Thugs on Ripped You Off! (Youth Attack! Records)
  11. Out For Blood by YDI on Out for Blood (Parts Unknown Records)
  12. Bored Girls by Pissed Jeans on Shallow (Sub Pop Records)
  13. WORK! by Vulgar Trade on Gross Century (Self Released)
  14. Survielled by Mammoth Grinder on Mammoth Grinder/Hatred Surge Split (Cyclopean Records)
  15. Nebulous by Wolf King on Bitter Bones (Self Released)
  16. Whips by Gunna Vahm on Man Hands for Rump Lust (Reptilian Records)
  17. Lame by Window Liquor on Man in the Mirror (Self Released)
  18. Skinless by The Cloth on Number One (Reptilian Records)
  19. Break
  20. Blast For Days by The Impalers on 7" (Self Released)
  21. In the Pitts by Lords of Light on Lords of Light 7" (625 Thrash)
  22. That's It I Quit by I Quit on That's It I Quit (625 Thrash)
  23. Derailed by Fiend on Derailed (Self Released)
  24. Demon Sanctuary by Naked City on Torture Garden (Shimmy)
  25. Elevated Man by Goatsnake on Black Age Blues (Southern Lord)
  26. Heathen by Today is the Day on Animal Mother (Southern Lord)
  27. Break
  28. Geometric Power by The Secret on Agnus Dei (Southern Lord)
  29. Obscure Infinity by Grave on Into the Grave (Century Media)
  30. Old Father by Bastard Feast on Osculum Infame (Season of Mist)
  31. Wolverine Blues by Entombed on Wolverine Blues (Earache Records)
  32. Mutilator by Splatterhouse on The House That Dead Built (Razorback Records)
  33. Break
  34. Conquering by Crowbar on Broken Glass (Emetic Records)
  35. The Carnal State by Gorguts on Obscura (Olympic Recordings)
  36. 43% Burnt by Dillinger Escape Plan on Calculating Infinity (Relapse Records)
  37. Terrifying Visions by Mold on Cremated Alive (Extremely Rotten Records)
  38. Break
  39. Recognize You by Super Unison on Demo (Self Released)
  40. Clue Juice by Mannequin Pussy on Gypsy Pervert (Tiny Engines)
  41. Oedipussy Complex by Diet Cokeheads on Nasal (Vinyl Rites, Drugged Conscience)
  42. Eraser by Iron Lung/Hatred Surge on Broken (Iron Lung Records)
  43. Cold by Smut on Demo (Self Released)
  44. Desert March by Slices on Slices 7" (16OH Records)
  45. Storm of Shit by The Flying Luttenbachers on Revenge (Skin Graft)