transfiguration #139 you can dance if you want to you can leave your fears behind mix (tina burner)


  1. Swinsuit by Liam Ebbs on Breathing Space (Ken Oath)
  2. Power of Mind by Soela on Genuine Silk (Dial)
  3. Your Body by Ikonika on Bodies (Don't Be Afraid)
  4. Palm Leaf by Three Body on Three Body (Running Circle)
  5. Lost Souls by Sean Branton on Elements (W&O Street Tracks)
  6. Swerl by Chekov on Aerated (peach discs)
  7. Second Time by Between Sleeps on Fantasia (Another Moon)
  8. Joy by Subjoi on Me & U (Shall Not Fade)
  9. I Do It by Slim Steve on I Do It (Let's Play House)
  10. Could I Be Crazy by Windows on Amsterdam EP 1 (Late Night Burners)
  11. Dat 2 by Anna Wall & Corbi on DATs in the Attic (Ritual Poison)
  12. make sure (easy mix) by dj heure on gradients (all my thoughts)
  13. Simstim by Patrick Holland on Simstim
  14. Gerda & Kay by M.O.S. on Jalebi (Shanti Radio Moscow)
  15. Nature (Deadbeat's Internal War dub) by Mentrix on Men Mix Mentrix (House Of Strength)
  16. A1 by Jinku on Vagabond (Banana Hill)
  17. I Used to Love T.H.E.M. by Ilana Bryne on Strange Adventure (self released)
  18. Where Is Empathy? by Rob Boss on Cold Spell (2Sox)
  19. The Reason by Zoo Look on Sight Unseen (Lazare Hoche)
  20. Turtle Funk by Patricia on Maxyboy (Ghostly International)
  21. Waxwing Air by Huerta on Junipero (Voyage)
  22. Fock Quarantine by Edd on Fock Quarantine (Apparel Music)
  23. Umore (feat. Most Golden) by Malik Hendricks on BODYCLOCK Vol.1 (Darker Than Wax)
  24. Shooting Star by Wav Fuzz on Magick Nites (Occult Research)