1. Cutty Ranks X Yoshi's Island (Kaval Bootleg) by Kaval (self released)
  2. WOW by JIMMY EDGAR (Ultramajic)
  3. The Touch by Thriftworks on Deviation (self released)
  4. Slow (feat. Your Girl Pho) by Cruel Noon (self released)
  5. Boss Rhythm by Two Fingers on Fight!Fight!Fight! (Nomark)
  6. For The Girls by Jaymie Silk on Diasporave 1/3 (Pelican Fly)
  7. Iron Mike (Danny Corn Baile Remix) by Leikeli47 on DJ Pack 2019 (self released)
  8. Krin by DNZA on Faisan EP (self released)
  9. Man of the Year (Royal-T Bootleg Dub) by ScHoolboy Q (self released)
  10. Wepa by Yelram Selectah on LATIN 808 (self released)
  11. Love Inna Basement (Midnite XTC) by DJ Bogdan (self released)
  12. Slippin by Tsuruda on Move (Division Recordings)
  13. Realla feat Anderson Paak by Tokimonsta on Desiderium (Young Art)
  14. Mictlán by El Irreal Veintiuno on Dia De Muertos Vol 2 (Rebajado Mx)
  15. The House Is Yours by PlayPlay (self released)
  16. FORMLESS_NOISE_0002.wav by ALEPH (self released)
  17. Jagged Roots by IvyLab (2020LDN)
  18. RAVE IN MY ROOM by UNIIQU3 (self released)
  19. Shade of Greatness by LeTo on “Un toit c’est un droit” VA (Egregore Collective)
  20. That 808 - by Bell Curve on (We Need A Resolution) (self released)
  21. Anna & Her Toms by DJ Swisha on The DJ Pack (self released)
  22. Planes by Hesk on Montreal Bass Culture #1 (Pointe Records)
  23. Hockey Sticks by Garneau on WORLWIDEJUKE (URBAN)
  24. Inner City Life by Goldie (Metalheadz)
  25. Girl (Static Remix) by Static (self released)
  26. Confritamenta by LYM. on XXIII Volume 8 (XXIII)
  27. Moves by Sonido Berzerk on Oscillation (Samsara Beats)
  28. I Need Your Lovin' (BSN Posse Bootleg) ( by N.R.G. on Summer Madness VOL. 1) (self released)
  29. For Life by A.Fruit on Black Marble Collective Vol. 5 (Black Marble Collective)
  30. NO SWIPING (SIDESWIPE SEND) by AIRPODS (self release)
  31. Rock That by Bastiengoat on SBF#11 (Moveltraxx)
  32. dollaz by TNGHT on II (Lucky Me Records)
  33. 56k by Franjazzco on WORLWIDEJUKE (URBAN)
  34. GO BACK by VELALUNA on forthcoming album (unreleased)
  35. Melisma by Golden on Gyal Gyah Vol. 3 (Ten Toes Turbo)
  36. Not Yet by Harka & C92 on Detonation (Samsara Beats)
  37. No Excuse by Heavee (Dred Collective)
  38. KOOVER IN 92 by DEFT on BURNA EP (Hoover Sound Recordings)
  39. Time Patrol Dub (Shake it Maschine Remix) by Kode9 (self released)
  40. TEK LIFE (Ghetto Dub) by Moresounds on Ghetto Dub Vol. 1 (self released)
  41. Aqui by MVNG on Traxmex Vol. 4 (Juke MX)
  42. Chav Juice by Rascal & Lucid on Council Trax (Trax Haven)
  43. Gone Away (2TheNextLife) - by DRINK (self released)
  44. Eclipse Flow by OAKK on ONE EP (self released)
  45. Return 2 Planet X by Agora & Mirah (self released)
  46. Lock Off - by Alix Perez ( on VA - Edition 3 - (1985 Music))
  47. FAKE by HomeSick (self released)
  48. Emerald Juke by Machine Girl (Dred Collective)
  49. FORMLESS_NOISE_0003 by ALEPH (self released)