one tooth kinda cat


  1. recollection bruise by Tom Cora on beets (ralph)
  2. bad mirror ball by eric drew feldman on beets (ralph)
  3. kudu by eddie henderson on heritage (blue note)
  4. swang by rova saxaphone quartet on beets (ralph)
  5. free angela by bayette on worlds around the sun (prestige)
  6. bakit ba by genghis kyle on peace chant (blue note)
  7. mozambique by luna brothers trio on peace chant (blue note)
  8. shadow sculptures by joe mcphee john snyder on pieces of light (CJ)
  9. the flying saucer song by harry nillson john lennon on pussy cats (BMG)
  10. big spliff by ralph thomas on eastern standard time (zebra jazz)
  11. pigmy by delegates on pigmy (aura )
  12. brown warm wintry by jack dejohnette on the dejohnette complex (milestone)
  13. tomorrows end by larry bright on solar visions (crosswinds)
  14. be there by leon gardener on be there (igloo)
  15. um allah by aquila on spiritual jazz (jazzman)
  16. studie nr.1 fur 12-saitige gitarre by pierre cavalli on spiritual jazz volume 4 (jazzman)
  17. less by erik truffaz on the mask (blue note)
  18. 3/4's of 4/4 by amina claudine myers on song for mother E (leo)
  19. the afrikan in winter by positive force on oracy (QSM corp)
  20. ole by noah howard on ole (Chiaroscuro)
  21. Love You Even More by Art Feynman on Near Negative (Western Vinyl)
  22. save the last dance by harry nillson john lennon on pussycats (BMG)