South Asian (diaspora included) & Arab/French Tracks with Baqvas

First generation, illegal immigrants. Second generation juvenile delinquents!


  1. Exploding Heart feat. Brevi by Adil Omar (Self Released)
  2. KLF ELF ft. heems and lakutis (prod. by pictureplane) by Antwon on Heavy Hearted in Doldrums (UNIF)
  3. RIP Me ft Aruba Red by Halflife (Self Released)
  4. Home feat. Dev Hynes by Heems on Eat Pray Thug (Greedhead Records)
  5. Jawab De by Faris Shafi on Singel (Self Released)
  6. Qui m'aime me suive by La Gale (Vitesse Records)
  7. 3 Minutes by Mashrou Leila (Self Released)
  8. BariyaN Ashiq Mizaj AkhaN TeriaN (Noor Jehan cover) by The Kominas on Zunn: Showgirls of Pakistan (Self Released)
  9. Safsari by Nawel ben kraiem (Jakarta Records)
  10. burn the village to save the village by digital prisoners of war on casually defying physics (Self Released)
  11. Nocturnal Emissions by Shilpa Ray on Last Year's Savage (Northern Spy Records)
  12. Culture Crossover by Alien Kulture on Asian Youth b/w Culture Crossover (Rock Against Racism)