No Justice No Pasta

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As we are living amidst profound civil unrest, today ES is silent as a statement of solidarity in response to the murders of George Floyd and other Black and Brown citizens by the police. We take a stand for the peaceful protesters nationwide and join the media in #BlackOutTuesday.
I am sick and tired of the long-standing racism and inequality in this country. I have never witnessed this much uncertainty and despair in the 10 years I've been living here.
This is an urgent step of action to demand accountability for police departments and for a profound change in their system.
As the host of this show, today I will broadcast two hours of silence and not cook any pasta. I stand for justice and I am taking today to practice awareness and education. I wish you would do the same.
See you next week. I hope that the world will be a better place by then. Or at least, less bad than it is now.
Much Love,

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