ASITA 12 Apr 2015


  1. Kanga Roo by Big Star on 3rd (PVC)
  2. The North Pole by The Walkmen on Bows + Arrows (Record Collection)
  3. Under A Rock by Waxahatchee on Ivy Tripp (Merge)
  4. Empty Nesters by Toro Y Moi on What For? (Carpark)
  5. Break
  6. Warning Sign by Talking Heads on More Songs About Buildings And Food (Sire)
  7. Skid Row by Dinner on Three EPs, 2012-2014 (Captured Tracks)
  8. Holy by American Wrestlers on American Wrestlers (Fat Possum)
  9. Strange Powers by The Magnetic Fields on Holiday (Merge)
  10. New Theory by Washed Out on Life of Leisure (Mexican Summer)
  11. Night Starvation by Cleaners From Venus on On Any Normal Monday (Captured Tracks)
  12. Choked Out by The Mountain Goats on Beat the Champ (Merge)
  13. 2nd Ave, 11AM by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists on Hearts Of Oak (Lookout!)
  14. Quincy Punk Episode by Spoon on A Series of Sneaks (Merge)
  15. Wasteland by Ryan Adams and The Cardinals on III / IV (Pax Am)
  16. Unsatisfied by The Replacements on Let It Be (Twin/Tone)
  17. Peep-Hole by Guided By Voices on Bee Thousand (Scat)
  18. I Threw It All Away by Yo La Tengo on President Yo La Tengo (Coyote)