Cacio e Pepe

For the 9th Shelter-In-Pasta installment, I'd like to share a vegetarian classic from Rome that's super famous in this country, Cacio e Pepe.
Guess what, the ingredients are just Pecorino cheese, pasta, and black pepper. We're going to mix 3 different kinds of cheese though, adding some Parmigiano for smoothing the sharpness and some Pecorino di Fossa (sheep cheese aged 3+ month in a pit) for the final kick and decoration. Buon appetito!

Episode #216 - video link here


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  1. Jamais Trop Tard Pour Linda by Rue '66 on Rue '66 (Rue '66) $ Buy
  2. Vorrei Spiaggia (unreleased) by Nino Msk (-) $ Buy
  3. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (feat. Kenyatta Hill & Matteo Monk) by The Archives on Carry Me Home (Montserrat House) $ Buy
  4. The Devil Dance by Beats Antique & Balkan Bump on single (Beats Antique) $ Buy
  5. Kif In The Rif by Clap! Clap! on Liquid Portraits (Black Acre) $ Buy
  6. Dub Be Good to Me by Mungo's HI FI x Eva Lazarus on More Fyah (Scotch Bonnet) $ Buy
  7. Koma Mate by Koma Saxo on single (We Jazz Records) $ Buy
  8. Lemuria by DNGDNGDNG on single (On The Corner) $ Buy
  9. Please Oh Please by B. Bravo on Cosmic Mind (Bastard Jazz Recordings) $ Buy
  10. International Love Affair by Keleketla! on single (Ahead Of Our Time) $ Buy
  11. It's You by Smoove & Turrell on Stratos Bleu (Jalapeno) $ Buy
  12. Warrior (feat SG Lewis) by Aluna on single (Mad Decent) $ Buy
  13. Deep Blue by The Midnight on single (Counter Records) $ Buy
  14. Lanzarote by Todd Terje on single (Olsen Records) $ Buy
  15. 100 names of people that have lost their lives due to systematic racism and police brutality by #SayTheirNames (-) $ Buy
  16. Jungle Cat by Manfredo Fest on Brazilian Dorian Dream (Far Out Recordings) $ Buy
  17. Lorelei by Roos Jonker & Dean Tippet on Love Like That (Sonar Kollektiv) $ Buy
  18. Pais Azucar by Blundetto on Good Good Things (Heavenly Sweetness) $ Buy
  19. How can I by 박혜진 Park Hye Jin on single (Ninja Tune) $ Buy
  20. Misterioso (Live at The It Club) by Thelonious Monk on Live At The It Club - Complete (Columbia) $ Buy
  21. Gazzelloni by Eric Dolphy on Out To Lunch (Blue Note) $ Buy
  22. Taurama by Grupo Batuque on O Aperto Da Saudade (Far Out Recordings) $ Buy
  23. Marilia by Victor Assis Brasil on O Aperto Da Saudade (Far Out Recordings) $ Buy
  24. The Pool by Keith Tippett on The Unlonely Raindancer (Discus Music) $ Buy