World of Echo Episode 94


  1. Calling Out of Context by Arthur Russell on Calling Out of Context (Audika)
  2. Icy Acres by Colin Wilkie, Shirley Hart, Albert Mangelsdorff & Joki Freund on Wild Goose (MPS)
  3. Extract from Femenine by Julius Eastman on Femenine (Another Timbre)
  4. Subration by Ka Baird on Bespires (RVNG Intl.)
  5. Per Aspera (ad Astra) by Fennesz on Touch: Isolation (Touch)
  6. Cloud Cover by O Yuki Conjugate on Into Dark Water (Emotional Rescue)
  7. Ensenada by Bennie Maupin on The Jewel in the Lotus (ECM)
  8. Visions by Jeff Parker on The New Breed (International Anthem)
  9. Hopscotch by Charlie Rouse on Two is One (Charly Records)