transfiguration #143 best bless mix (tina burner)


  1. Night Swimming by Field Works & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma on Field Works: Ultrasonic (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
  2. Part III by Carlos Niño & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson on Chicago Waves (International Anthem)
  3. The Goose and the Wren by The Transcendence Orchestra on Feeling the Spirit (Editions Mego)
  4. ash by Gia Margaret on Mia Gargaret (Orindal)
  5. Bliss by Tengger on Nomad (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
  6. Sheep Song by Toby Hay on Imaginational Anthem, Vol. X (Overseas Edition) (Tompkins Square)
  7. Untitled 1 (Live) by DK on Live at the Edge - EP (Live) (12th Isle)
  8. Paradise, California by Raymond Richards on The Lost Art of Wandering (ESP Institute)
  9. Pure Bond by World Above on World Above (256)
  10. The River That Flows in You Also Flows in Me by Croatian Amor on All in the Same Breath (Posh Isolation)
  11. A Space for Dreaming by Laura Cannell on The Earth with Her Crowns (Brawl)
  12. Happened by K-LONE on Cape Cira (Wisdom Teeth)
  13. Orchid Child by White Poppy on Paradise Gardens (not not fun)
  14. Montagnes Flottantes by Vague Imaginaires on L'île D'or (not not fun)
  15. Oakmoss by Bibio on Sleep on the Wing (Warp)
  16. Water Talks by Amy Reid on Isolated Bliss (Atlantic Rhythms)
  17. Elegantly Floating by Earthen Sea on Mysteries Compilation - Chapter One (Mysteries of the Deep)
  18. Human by Rone on Room with a View (InFiné)
  19. Ordinary People by DJ LOSTBOI on The Flash (Queeste)
  20. Bake-kujira by iT Boy on The Nail House (New Amsterdam)
  21. Flute of Seagulls by OMMA on DOMA (Antinote)
  22. Rintocco by Fools on Fools' Harp Vol. 1 (music from memory)
  23. Nacre Meadow by Nailah Hunter on Nacre Meadow (self released)
  24. steps by softest on steps (inner islands)
  25. Liatris by Sinerider on Moonflowers (Dronarivm)
  26. Time & Space (Short Mix) by Chillax on Oto No Wa: Selected Sounds of Japan 1988-2018 (Music For Dreams)
  27. Sun by Mndsgn on Forever In Your Sun (leaving)