1. Secret Technique by Eprom (DeadBeats)
  2. Hacienda by Cadenza & SYV (self released)
  3. Metanoia (Hypho Remix) by Kahter on Metanoia EP (Manuka Records)
  4. Cut by Eytan Tobin on Deviations (Deviant Audio)
  5. Looking Out My Window by Ratpack on The History (Ratpack Music)
  6. NEED YOU by MODUL8 on Acceler8ed EP (Through These Eyes)
  7. Bad (KRSLD Remix) by Kouslin & Logan (self released)
  8. The Clangers (Dom Perignon Remix) by Daseplate (self released)
  9. Island Jamz 2k16 by DJ Paypal on As Above (self released)
  10. Out of Space by The Prodigy on Experience (XL Recordings)
  11. Hide U (Juke Nukem X Sideswipe Remix) by Kosheen on Transit EP (Forbidden Trax)
  12. My Heart Belongs To You by Jodeci (Iyer Remix) (Forbidden Trax)
  13. Cuss Cuss (Crypticz Remix) by Yellowman (Forbidden Trax)
  14. BOLOLO HAHA (Nikes Remix) by MC BIN LADEN (Forbidden Trax)
  15. Lullaby by Dub Beans on Cuties (Good Street Records)
  16. Haunted by Archetype on Council Trax (Trax Haven)
  17. Bike Paths by A.Fruit on Med School Graduation (Hospital Records)
  18. PAPER (Samurai Breaks Remix) by CA$TLE (self released)
  19. This Is How I Feel by DJ Ends (Sequel One Records)
  20. What Could Be Colder by DJ Big Hank on Short Me Down (New Body Tapes)
  21. Far Away (Footmerc Remix) by Doc Scott (self released)
  22. BURNA by DEFT on BURNA (Hoover Sounds Recordings)
  23. I Don’t Like The Look Of It - by DJ Roc on The Crack Capone - (Planet Mu Records))
  24. DAWN VIP ( by PAPLOCO - on Project Bluebelt (The Big Fresh Collective))
  25. imoko Bounce [RHYDA x SEKIS&DIKE] by DJ SEKIS (self released)
  26. Winding River (Coco Bryce Remix) by Korin Complex on Winding River EP (Miracle Drug Records)
  27. XE2 (Particle's XE160 Flip) by Mssingno (self released)
  28. I Need Your Lovin' (BSN Posse Bootleg) by N.R.G on Summer Madness (self released)
  29. ISLTN2020 by No Vae on Isolation EP (self released)
  30. Ironside by POLO LILLI on Council Trax (Trax Haven)
  31. Broken Soul (Makoto Edit) by Packer & Rhodes (Interphase Digital)
  32. Slipped by Ivy Lab on 20/20 Volume One (20/20LDN)
  33. The Raven VIP by Alix Perez (1985 Music)
  34. Berry Patch (Halogenix Remix) by Machinedrum & Holly on Berry Patch: Blended (self released)
  35. 1800AREYOUSLAPPIN (Kiki D Refix) by HomeSick (Worst Behavior Records)
  36. NEW YORKS FINEST VIP by DEFT on BURNA (Hoover Sounds Recordings)
  37. Incredible by M-Beat & General Levy on Knowledge (Renk Records)
  38. DO IT 4 U [FLP x MONSUUN BOOTLEG] by MACHINEDRUM (self released)
  39. Black Shield by Monty & Visages on Blinded EP (1985 Music)
  40. What’Cha-Gonna Du by RP Boo on Legacy (Planet Mu Records)
  41. Toxic by Yael Naim on BSN Posse "Addicted 2 You” Rework) (self released)
  42. Touch by Ultraviolet (self released)