Jun 27, 2020: Monthly Icelandic Show on 'Mai + Charlie'


  1. A Sudden Sickness by Nils Bech on single (DFA Records)
  2. Never Who I Want to Be by Sin Fang on Sad Party (Morr Music)
  3. Paused by Kiasmos on Blurred (Erased Tapes)
  4. Sunny Road by Emiliani Torrini on Fisherman's Woman (Rough Trade Records)
  5. Perth by amiina on The Lighthouse Project (Sound Of A Handshake)
  6. Green Grass of Tunnel by mum on Finally We Are No One (Morr Music)
  7. Black Screen by Team Dreams on Team Dreams (Morr Music)
  8. Untitled #4 (Njósnavélin) by Sigur Rós on ( ) (Fat Cat)
  9. Lay Your Head by Júníus Meyvant on Across the Borders (Record Records)
  10. Youth by Asgeir on Bury the Moon (One Little Indian Records)
  11. Draumaprisinn by JFDR on single (White Sun Recording)
  12. Enginn eins og þú by Auður on Enginn eins og þú (Self Released)
  13. B.O.B.A. by JoiPe & Kroli on single (Self Released)
  14. Bróðir by Úlfur Úlfur on Hefnid okkar (-)
  15. Geri Ekki Neitt (feat. Unnsteinn Manuel) by Aron Can on single (Self Released)
  16. Fýlaða by Svanur, Baldvin & Hjalti on Fýlaða (Self Released)
  17. Svona er þetta by Emmsjé Gauti on Sautjandi november (Self Released)
  18. Bruna Burt (feat. Króli) by Helgi B on Bruna Burt (feat. Króli) (Self Released)
  19. TALA UM by GKR on GKR (Self Released)
  20. Fröken Reykjavík by Friðrik Dór on Segir ekki neitt (Self Released)
  21. Unlovable by Glowie on Unlovable (Columbia)
  22. Siblings by Oyama on Coolboy (Self Released)
  23. Virgin Eyes by Wesen on Wall of Pain ( Hidden Trail)
  24. One Thing by Pascal Pinon on Pascal Pinon (Morr Music)
  25. I'll Drown by Sóley on We Sink (Morr Music)
  26. Waterphone by Seabear on single (Morr Music)
  27. New Year by FM Belfast on Don't Want To Sleep (Morr Music)
  28. Forever Love by Kristín Anna on I Must Be The Devil (Bel Air Glamour Records / The Vinyl Factory)
  29. Birds of Paradise by Milkywhale on Milkywhale (Record Records)
  30. Fuck With Someone Else by Gangly on GANGLY (Self Released)