FRIDAY, JULY 3rd: I'm DJ'ing a set for Does it Bang?'s Internet Party #5 raising funds for TGI Justice Project! My set is @ 5:30 PM - event details below:

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  1. Space is the Place by Sun Ra on The Other Side of the Sun (Enterplanetary Koncepts)
  2. Children of the Hapi by Ras_G & The Afrikan Space Program on Back on the Planet (Brainfeeder)
  3. Play by Morwell on Play/Love (self released)
  4. Nights by Frank Ocean (Sango Bounced It) (self released)
  5. Universed by Jelee on Space Book (self released)
  6. You Better Run by DJ Aphrodite and Micky Finn (self released)
  7. UK Allstars (Machinedrum Remix) by Congo Natty (self released)
  8. Clockwise by Charlie B (ft. 2b.Frank) (self released)
  9. Check 1-2 by HNGVR on Unity (OBL-QUE)
  10. Never Believe by Dillinja (self released)
  11. Independent by Halogenix (self released)
  12. Acid Puma Racing Stripes by Samurai Breaks & Trophy on Acid Puma Racing Stripes ((Off Me Nut Records))
  13. Natural Vibe by Anna Morgan, Kabuki, & Rider Shafique on Beat Excursions #5 (self released)
  14. Massive Attack__ vibeangel mix1 by Flying Lotus (self released)
  15. Water Broken (The Opening of the Stargate) by Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program (self released)
  16. Jyro by Black Nile ((Alpha Pup))
  17. Tha Flow by DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn & Machinedrum on Movin’ Forward (self released)
  18. Shanti Cream by Thriftworks (self released)
  19. Whippdkream. by Knxledge on HX.PRT14 (self released)
  20. Some Justice'95 by Urban Shakedown on Arsonist Super Dub Mix (Labello Blanco)
  21. Junglist by Congo Natty (self released)
  22. Lamma Dub by Unchained Collective on Isolation (Samsara Beats)
  23. Animal Dub (Lukro Remix) by Qechuaboi on Greenworks (Matraca)
  24. REMINISCE by DJ Taye on Pyrotek Vol. 1 (self released)
  25. Slow Down by TAYEPAL on Teklife VIP (Teklife)
  26. Pump Dat Jam by EQ Why & Traxman on WhyTrax (Orange Milk Records)
  27. No Good by D’TCH on No Good EP (The Dreamers)
  28. PPL PWR by Suzi Analogue on SU CASA EP (Never Normal Records)
  29. Five Feet Under - by POLO LILLI on (Omega - (Through These Eyes))
  30. Portal by Merca Bae & Miss Jay on Scatter EP (Mistico)
  31. Moon Works - by DJ TEEKAY (self released)
  32. Lost (DJ Spinn Remix) by BNDT72 (Beat Machine)
  33. Jazzy by Kush Jones on New York Dance Music III (Towhead)
  34. Show Me Love - by Hesk (self released)
  35. Jukin in da Moonlite by AMEN the Producer (self released)
  36. Stop Playin Wit Me by DJ Earl & Sonic D on Audio Fixx 2 (Teklif)
  37. Luna Lazuli by Jelee on Space Book (self released)
  38. Synchronize Vibration by Roy Ayers on Jazz is Dead (self released)
  39. THE WHISTLE SONG (chicago Ghetto Juke house Style Remix) r.i.p frankie - by Traxman (self released)
  40. The Melancholy Dancehall by JTRA (self released)
  41. Break
  42. Bakka by JTRA (self released)
  43. Break
  44. DIGITAL DIVA 2.0 by UNIIQU3 on Digital Diva EP (self released)
  45. Sans Titre by Farsight on Not Here But Somewhere (Maloca)
  46. CHECK MY SH by DJ Earl on GARDEN (self released)
  47. Break
  48. BLACK ASS by ASE MANUAL on Cookies - (Like That Recs)
  49. Fleece - by DJ Swisha & Kanyon on New York Dance Music II (Towhead)
  50. Break
  51. Samsik by Amor Satyr & Siu Mata on Indian Match (WAJANG)
  52. GTB (DJ Swisha Remix) by Kush Jones on Out of Bounds EP (HAUS of ALTR)
  53. Black Matter by Tru. (self released)