Gumbo Grooves Ep. 18 - DJ Khalab, Tshegue, Ibu Selva


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  1. Blue Flower by Clap! Clap! on Liquid Portraits (Black Acre) $ Buy
  2. Kumu by DJ Khalab, Baba Sissoko on Khalab & Baba (Wonderwheel Recordings) $ Buy
  3. Frfrfr by Nuri on Drup (Shouka) $ Buy
  4. Muanapoto by Tshegue on Survivor (Ekleroshock) $ Buy
  5. Fuligem by Ibu Selva on Ecologia (Frente Bolivarista) $ Buy
  6. Sawra by Roscius on Collage (Wormfood Recordings) $ Buy