cheetle radio 6.8.18...(repeat!) low expectations, high hopes, amirite?

hello, cheetle.

we're bopping out of town this week. so sip on this ep from two years ago. we'll be back next week!

roller coaster...of LOVE. this week has been a solid up and a solid down. for example, the cheetles hit up Cut Worms and King Tuff on Tuesday (up!). on thursday night, amber's neck broke out in a rash due to a mysterious allergy (down). tonight we're playin' songs guaranteed to stroke both moods and then we're taking shots and slammin' the door--greasy slices and wooden shjips ahead!


the cheetles


  1. Ortega by Pllush on Stranger to the Pain (Father/Daughter Records)
  2. Another Way by The Sufis on After Hours (Burger )
  3. dreams via memories by Ceramic Animal on The Cart (self released)
  4. Sea of Nothing by Drug Dealer on The End of Comedy (Domino)
  5. House of Leaves by Salvia Plath on The Bardo Story (Weird World)
  6. Friends by Levitation Room on Minds of our own (Burger)
  7. No man's land by king tuff on the other (sub pop)
  8. the not real lake by loving on loving (self released)
  9. in between by hand habits on wildly idle (Woodsist)
  10. leave the lights on by drinks on hippo lite (drag city)
  11. mar-a-lago by sugar candy mountain on do right (PIAPTK & Sugar Candy Mountain)
  12. your letter by paul cherry on flavour (feeltrip )
  13. may this be love by Jimi Hendrix on are you experienced (Reprise)
  14. sleep with me by Michael Rault on It's a new day tonight (wick )
  15. hanging your picture up to dry by Cut Worms on Hollow Ground (Jajaguwar)