7/15 G's Chill Lounge - Host/Dj: Gina Alexander

Urban Indie with a touch of International!

The best in Urban Indie, Chill, Smooth Jazz, and World Music.

**Background music is from the D Brax "330" Album


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  1. Cocktail Umbrella by iamalex on Single (Beats & Waves) $ Buy
  2. Rush by Nsolo on Single (Self Release) $ Buy
  3. Dawn by Pines on Single (Sony Music Entertainment) $ Buy
  4. 4 a.m. feat. Will Ryte by Gads6y on Single (Gads6y Productions) $ Buy
  5. Dying For Your Love by Snoh Aalegra on Single (Atrium Recordings) $ Buy
  6. Low by Hui on Single (877139 Records DK) $ Buy
  7. Pressure, Part II feat. Sinead Hartnett by James Vickery on Single (TH3RD Brain) $ Buy
  8. Chills by 2 Man Embassy on Single (Bonsai Collective) $ Buy
  9. Suffocate by Amaka Queenette on Single (Tom Boy Records) $ Buy
  10. Nights by Adrian Daniel on Single (1990 Records) $ Buy
  11. Stardust by Dan Bravo, J.O.Y on Single (La Belle Musique) $ Buy
  12. All Up To You by Shay Lia on Single (AWAL Recordings) $ Buy
  13. Undercover by Sam Wills on Single (Nxtgen Records) $ Buy
  14. Feeling by Allure on Single (Self Release) $ Buy
  15. 5 Days by Shadqi on Single (East of Eden) $ Buy
  16. Down For You feat. Rowan Buratti by Talall on Single (VAUHNA) $ Buy
  17. Nu Low by Sipprell on single (Self Release) $ Buy
  18. Overthinking by THE CODE on Single (Self Release) $ Buy
  19. No Fear No More (Remix) by Madeon on Single (Self Release) $ Buy
  20. Maria by Hwasa (Mamamoo) on Maria (RBW, Inc) $ Buy
  21. Crimson Walls by THEM LIGHTS on Single (Universal Records) $ Buy
  22. glad xoxo feat. Alma by Dominic Pierce on Vivid (Inner Ocean Records) $ Buy
  23. Home Tonight by Iration on Coastin' (Self Release) $ Buy
  24. Querent by Chrxstal Sarah on Single (Self Release) $ Buy
  25. Till Another Day by Chris Anderson, Mac Ayres on Single (Self Release) $ Buy
  26. Sun Will Find You by Gabrielle Current on Single (Self Release) $ Buy
  27. Bedtime Story by RINI on Single (Warner Records) $ Buy
  28. Never Too Late feat. Maribelle by Nicolaas on Single (Kitsune Musique) $ Buy
  29. Honest by Narou, Golow on Single (Gentle Giant Records) $ Buy
  30. Baby Blue by Temptress on Single (Plastic Fruit Studios) $ Buy
  31. Set Me Free (Interlude) by Agust D on D-2 Mixtape (Big Hit Entertainment) $ Buy
  32. The One That Got Away by Teflon Sega on Single (Self Release) $ Buy
  33. I Should Have Told You by Fiji Blue on Single (Self Release) $ Buy
  34. No Plans by Ben Kessler on Single (VYB) $ Buy
  35. Wellenlange by Rezident on Single (Self Release) $ Buy
  36. Currents by Emancipator on Mountain of Memory (Loci Records) $ Buy
  37. Riverside by producerboibrad on Single (Self Release) $ Buy
  38. When We Used To by Fallen Roses on Single (Lo-fi Records) $ Buy