Altered Images #164 07/08/2020


  1. Sketch for Summer by Durutti Column on The Return of the Durutti Column (Factory)
  2. For A Few Dollars More by Material on Beat Freaks (Celluloid )
  3. Do You Love Me by Patti Austin on Every Home Should Have One (Qwest)
  4. Getting Away With Murder by Patti Austin on Getting Away With Murder (Qwest)
  5. Joy And Pain by Maze on Joy And Pain (Capitol)
  6. The Skin I’m In by Cameo on Machismo (Atlanta Artists)
  7. Distractions by Kid Creole And The Coconuts on Doppelganger (Sire)
  8. Can You Feel It? by The Jacksons on Victory (EPIC)
  9. Peg by Cornell Dupree on Shadow Dancing (Versatile )
  10. I Need Love by Nona Hendryx on The Heat (RCA)
  11. Cats Without Claws by Donna Summer on Cats Without Claws (Geffen)
  12. Time by Nona Hendryx on The Heat (RCA)
  13. Eyes by Donna Summer on Cats Without Claws (Geffen)
  14. Mad Dog Daze by Hiram Bullock on From All Sides (Atlantic)
  15. Cristina by Things Fall Apart on Ze Records Story (Strut)
  16. Dream Baby Dream by Suicide on The Ze Story (Strut)
  17. Change The Beat by Fab 5 Freddy on Change The Beat (Celluloid)
  18. What I Like (American Dreams) by Tribe 2 on Beat Freaks (Celluloid)
  19. Boy (Go) by The Golden Palominos on Hard Cell (Celluloid)