Ep.109 07.12.20 (Broadcasting From Home 11)


  1. Joga (PS22 Chorus Cover) by Bjork on Joga (One Little Indian)
  2. Gender Wayang Arca Ember by Arca (Self Released)
  3. Hum by Ben Bondy on Stay In Bed Vol. 1 (Best Effort)
  4. Spangles by Pontiac Streator on Select Works Vol. I (Self-released)
  5. Impact by Ahi (Self Released)
  6. Blue Dusk by Laughing Ears on Blue Dusk (DECISIONS)
  7. Xiao Chu by Iona Fortune on Tao of I Volume 2 (Ecstatic)
  8. Earth Note by Kush Jones on EP (FT055) (Future Times)
  9. Riven by Umfang on Riven (Thanks For Enlightening Me)
  10. I Can Feel It (Teena Marie Tribute) by DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn (Self Released)
  11. The Twirler (Central Remix) by Ciel on Hundred Flowers EP (Coastal Haze)
  12. Highland Spring by No Moon on 653 Miles (Church)
  13. Makmba by Raica on Vibe 3 Compilation (Future Times)
  14. Bliss Song by Bambi (Self Released)