On this edition: Michele K-tel highlights NEW music from NEW Orleans (LAWN) and NEW Zealand (THE BETHS) alongside tour beats from ANTELOPER, folk darlings Freakwater, Ethio-jazz from Mulatu Astake & the Black Jesus Experience and yet ANOTHER SONG from Bill Callahan's Gold Record before we all jump off the ship.


  1. Frenesi by Perez Prado & His Orchestra on The Best Of Perez Prado: The Original Mambo #5 (Rhino)
  2. Another Song by Bill Callahan on Gold Record (Drag City)
  3. Come Sing Me A Happy Song To Prove We Can All Get Along The Lumpy Bumpy Long And Dusty Road by Bert Jansch on No Love Is Sorrow (Spectrum)
  4. Singing Another Song by Parliament on Up For The Down Stroke (Mercury)
  5. Another Song by Wake Ooloo on Hear No Evil (Pravda)
  6. Break
  7. Mulatu by Mulatu Astatke & Black Jesus Experience on To Know Without Knowing (Agogo)
  8. Ethiobop by Black Jesus Experience on Migration (2014) (self-released)
  9. When Mouths Collide by Ghostpoet on I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep (Play It Again Sam)
  10. Throw Me Overboard by Bessie Jones & the Georgia Sea Island Singers on Get In Union (Alan Lomax Archive)
  11. Man Overboard by Peter Blegvad on Hangman's Hill (ReR)
  12. Dancing As The Boat Goes Down by The Bats on Fear of God (Flying Nun)
  13. What I Believe At Night by Mekons on Exquisite (self-released)
  14. Under the Wires by Pottery on Welcome to Bobby's Motel (PTKF)
  15. Nightime Creatures by Lawn on Johnny (Muscle Beach)
  16. You Are A Beam of Light by The Beths on Jump Rope Gazers (Carpark)
  17. The White Lady Loves You More by Marisa Anderson (self-released)
  18. Between the Bars by Chris Garneau on Music for Tourists (Creeper Crawler)
  19. Let's Get Lost by Elliott Smith on From a Basement On A Hill (Kill Rock Stars)
  20. Let's Get Lost by Chet Baker on Chet Baker Sings! (Blue Note)
  21. Lose Your Love by Dirty Projectors on Flight Tower (Domino)
  22. 3243 by Ohmme on Fantasize Your Ghost (Joyful Noise)
  23. The Furthest Nearby Place by Peel Dream Magazine on Moral Panics EP (Slumberland)
  24. No Space Fo Us by Angel Bat Dawid on Transition East (International Anthem)
  25. Higging by St. James Infirmary on Isolation & Rejection Vol 2 (Front & Follow)
  26. Nyuki by Siti Muharam on Siti of Unguja (Romance Revolution on Zanzibar) (On the Corner)
  27. Malek Ya Saly by Sharbhabil Ahmed on King of Sudanese Jazz (Habibi Funk)
  28. RADAR Radio by Anteloper on Tour Beats Vol. 1 (International Anthem)
  29. Break
  30. Frayed and Bare by Freakwater on Pandemophenia (Bloodshot)