1. Permanent Rewind by The Isabelles on The Isabelles (Zen Ten)
  2. Ravenous Girl by Arre! Arre! on Tell Me All About Them (PNKSLM)
  3. Revolution All The Time by The Exbats on Revolution All The Time Plus Size (Self-Released)
  4. Your Shame Not Mine by Cry Out on More Echoes of a Question Never Answered​.​.​. Why? (La Vida Es Un Mus)
  5. Say What You Mean by Latitude on L'atitude (Royal Oakie)
  6. Highs and Lows by L'Resorts on L'Resorts (Self-Released)
  7. Just Like Kids by Hinds on The Prettiest Curse (Mom+Pop)
  8. Going Going Gone by Ravi Shavi on Special Hazards (Self-Released)
  9. Heaven Or by Corey Flood on Hanging Garden (Fire Talk)
  10. Cool Breeze by Woolen Men (Self-Released)
  11. Swim by Gal Gun (Self-Released)
  12. A Crack in the World by Oceanator on Things I Never Said (Plastic Miracles)
  13. Lost Dog by Public Eye on Music for Leisure (Pop Wig)
  14. Sidewalk Psycho by Sweet Reaper on Closer Still (Self-Released)
  15. will i get cancelled if i write a song called "if you were a man you'd be so cancelled" by Illuminati Hotties on FREE I​.​H: This Is Not The One You've Been Waiting For (Self-Released)
  16. Rotten Master by Clock of Time on Pestilent Planet (Static Shock)
  17. Flesh in a Womb by Frank Eye on No Longer (Empty Cellar)
  18. New Culture by Peel Dream Magazine on Moral Panics EP (Slumberland)
  19. Echo Head by Chaiens de Faience on Fail & Foil (Howlin Banana)
  20. Never Change Enough by Kelley Stoltz on Never Change Enough (Self Released)
  21. Blue Van Black Sky by Dweller on Aquarium (Forged Artifacts)
  22. Blank Forever by Dowsing on Sky Coffin (Asian Man)
  23. Ghost by Strobobean on Walking Alone (Self-Released)
  24. Sway by Scrunchies on BOO/SWAY: Strobobean/Scrunchies Split (Self-Released)
  25. Point of the Point by SAVAK on "The Point of the Point" b​/​w "Checked Out" (Dromedary)
  26. La Ultima Vez by Y La Bamba on Mariposa de Coalcomán (Sub Pop)
  27. Crooner Steel by Real Tears on Hay Fever (Alien Snatch!)
  28. Lesser of Two by VAGUESS on Directions for Use: (Refry)
  29. Mad Love by Naked Roommate on Do the Duvet (Trouble in Mind)
  30. Relentless Noise by Worriers on You or Someone You Know (6131 Records)
  31. La culpa by Accidente on Caníbal (Self-Released)
  32. Blazing Sun of Youth by The Gotobeds on "Have You Checked the Tapes?" b/w "Blazing Sun of Youth" (Self-Released)
  33. Sandcastles by Cable Ties on Far Enough (Merge)
  34. Paradise by Nothin' (Let's Pretend)
  35. Michigan Hammers by Protomartyr on Ultimate Success Today (Domino)
  36. Down in the Garden by J. Budiongan Group on Down in the Garden (Self Released)