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  1. Intro by Terrace Martin on Sinthesize (Sounds of Crenshaw) $ Buy
  2. BoatRockerSoul!!! by 9th Wonder on Zion IV (Duck Down Records) $ Buy
  3. Midnight by A Tribe Called Quest on Midnight Marauders (Zomba Recording) $ Buy
  4. S.D.S by Mac Miller on Watching Movies With the Sound Off (Rostrum Records) $ Buy
  5. Verbs by Peyton (Independent) $ Buy
  6. Compensating (ft. Young Thug) by Amine on Limbo (Republic Records) $ Buy
  7. Most Times by Geek Squad (self-released) $ Buy
  8. SOL by Brandon Masenko on Arcade (Sentai Records) $ Buy
  9. 30 Degrees by j. robb on TRASH VOL IV (self released) $ Buy
  10. KOOL-AID JAMMERS (Ned Flanders edit.) by Jay Versace (self released) $ Buy
  11. Intro by See-Dee (self released) $ Buy
  12. Just Friends (See Dee X Czerkinsky remix) by Music Soulchild (self released) $ Buy
  13. Let's Be Lovers by Black Harmony on Let's Be Lovers (CLN Records) $ Buy
  14. LIFE IS by j. robb on TRASH VOL IV (self released) $ Buy
  15. Orlando by Blood Orange on Negro Swan (Domino Recording Co.) $ Buy
  16. sweet thing by Dijon on Single (self released) $ Buy
  17. I Been Livin by Liv.e on single (In Real Life Music) $ Buy
  18. Let It Go by Summer Walker on Life On Earth - EP (LVRN/Interscope Records) $ Buy
  19. Double Up (Yussef Dayes version) by Nipsey Hussle on single (self released) $ Buy
  20. Drunk by Dijon on Sci Fi 1 (Warner Records Inc.) $ Buy
  21. Kiss of Life by Sade on Love Deluxe (Sony Music Entertainment) $ Buy
  22. dreamz cme a lng way (solange edit) by cay caleb on single (self released) $ Buy
  23. Save The Children by Marvin Gaye on What's Goin' On (Motown Records) $ Buy