Gumbo Grooves Ep. 15 - Free the Robots, Auntie Flo, Ishmael Ensemble


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  1. Kagul by Free the Robots on Datu (Astral Travels) $ Buy
  2. Asemoon by Omid Walizadeh on Modern Persian Speech Sounds (1150495 Records DK) $ Buy
  3. Nevar by El Buho, Didacte on Nevar (Wonderwheel Recordings) $ Buy
  4. Kabsa by Auntie Flo on Kabsa (Disco Halal) $ Buy
  5. Yellow Dub (feat. Yama Warashi) by Ishmael Ensemble, Yama Warashi on Yellow House/ Yellow Dub (Severn Songs) $ Buy
  6. Naturaleza (Mose Edit) by Danit, Mose on Naturaleza (Mose Edit) (Mose Music) $ Buy