cheetle radio 7.17.20...repeat! w/special guests, BALMS!

hello, cheetle!

we're a bit under the weather.. mentally. this world is just... a lot right now. have no fear, we ok. just resting our brains, our hearts, and gearing up to come back with some renewed cheetle energy. for now, enjoy this ep from back when things were better. when bands played and live humans could listen IRL:

ba-ba-BALMS joins the cheetles on air tonight to chat about their flashy new record--Mirror--and their upcoming one-million-show* tour. they're cool kids with mushy insides. real nice. 

perk your ears up, pup. this is one for the radio books. 


the cheetles

*exact number has not been calculated by the cheetles, but it's a lot


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  1. myth of a man by night beats on her cold cold heart (heavenly) $ Buy
  2. borderlands by call for unity on the myrrors (beyond beyond is beyond) $ Buy
  3. (they found me on the back of) the galaxy by the intelligence on everybody's got it easy but me (in the red) $ Buy
  4. I Shot All the Birds by The Blind Shake on Celebrate Your Worth (Goner Records) $ Buy
  5. voices of the paranoid by zig zags on zig zags (in the red) $ Buy
  6. Tear Down the Wall by CCR HEADCLEANER on Tear Down The Wall (self-released) $ Buy
  7. mr. investigator by ex-cult on negative growth (castle face) $ Buy
  8. Out In The Night by Useless Eaters on Bleeding Moon (self-released) $ Buy
  9. the apparition by flat worms on the apparition / melt the arms (famous class) $ Buy
  10. No Remark by Duds on Of a Nature or Degree (Castle Face) $ Buy
  11. Psychoticedelicious by carlton melton on mind minerals (Agitated Records) $ Buy
  12. plane by balms on mirror (self-released) $ Buy
  13. What's in My Head by Fuzz on Fuzz (self-released) $ Buy
  14. speed by moon duo on killing time (sacred bones) $ Buy
  15. fungal visions by glitter wizard on hollow earth tour (heavy psych sounds) $ Buy
  16. candle by balms on mirror (self-released) $ Buy